Indus App Bazaar on board’s global short video creation platform – Likee

 Indus App Bazaar onboard global short video creation platform – Likee

The global short video creation platform joins 400,000 apps on Indus App Bazaar to expand reach in Indian markets

Chennai, November 27th, 2019: Indus App Bazaar, India’s fastest growing content marketplace, today announced the partnership with Likee which targets to expand reach in the Indian market. The global short video creating a platform is available for free downloads and will now cater to 60 million users every day driving hyperlocal content and diversity among users.

Indus App Bazaar, a homegrown app store built with AI recommended solutions has been facilitating international apps such as Likee to drive the online video landscape in India. The latter will effectively use Indus App Bazaar to leverage personalized video content to its indigenous audiences spread across diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Indus App Bazaar will facilitate users to creatively express themselves through Likee to produce customized video content.

On partnering with Likee, Rakesh Deshmukh, Cofounderat Indus OS said, “India is witnessing a truly catalyzing change with the rise of consumers in the online video ecosystem. We, at Indus OS, are committed to driving the mobile app landscape in India through our partnerships with platforms like Likee, which foster deep engagements built on creativity. We believe that our shared vision of localization of content to reach out to diverse, emerging markets will play a key role in driving the growth towards digital Bharat. We seek to take the power of the internet to demographics across the country – giving them the deserved attention in building digital India”.

India has been witnessing an observing shift towards digital formats. With the penetration of the internet across hyperlocal markets and access to multimedia devices, the time being spent on consuming videos has effectively increased. The mobile app industry has leveraged access to affordable data and surges in interest from diverse markets around the country to drive the online video market through localization, simplicity, and personalization. It has also paved the way for the emergence of homegrown platforms such as Indus App Bazaar which interface short-form, user-generated video content apps including Likee.

Indus App Bazaar on board's global short video creation platform - Likee
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