5 Beauty Treatments to Follow on Weekends

Weekdays being loaded with works and household chores, you would never find time to relax and give some love for your skin and hair. But the excitement of weekends would awaken the energy within you and make you more enthusiastic. So, you might have planned for some fun time and relaxing time with your loved ones. But Sundays are good to give some extra love and care for your skin and hair as it would look better and brighter on Mondays. So, here are some simple and effective beauty treatments to follow on weekends.

To Enhance Your Skin Texture:

You would ready to exercise for extra hours on Sundays as it would lift up your mood, reducing your waist but what would it do for your skin is obviously your question now, right? Well, exercising would help in stimulating collagen production which in turn would retain your skin’s smoothness and firmness. This would naturally work and see how your skin thanks you every day. You could also mix a pinch of turmeric with two tablespoons of honey and apply it on your face to the neck to promote blood flow, relieve toxins, destroy bacteria, and reduce dark spots as well. Leave it for about 15 minutes to get radiant skin each week. So, make it a routine on Sunday nights.

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To Get Brighter Eyes:

You could try some eye treatment with caffeine as an ingredient. This is because the caffeine would help detoxify the thin skin under your eyes, thereby breaking the baggage. You just have to dab instead of rubbing the cream under your eye area once you are awake or the first thing to do on Saturday and Sunday to look more amazing on Monday and other days.

To Get Shiner & Stronger Mane:

You could show how you love your hair by treating them extra on Sundays. Prepare a hair mask by mashing some avocado fruit and comb it right through the strands of your hair and leave it for up to 10 minutes and rinse it with a mild shampoo of your own choice. You could also use avocado oil which would make your hair soft as well as manageable on your weekdays. Give them the right kind of love!

Take Good Rest:

Does sleeping make you look more beautiful and gorgeous? Yes, When you sleep intensely, it would help in renewing your cells. When you experience poor sleep, it would make your skin dull and worse. So, you have got to experience your “beauty sleep” which could make you relax and improve your skin.

Try Grooming Your Eyebrows:

When you simply pluck your brows, it would change your look. Try to know the right shape for you if you are going to groom your eyebrows. Make time for grooming your eyebrows on Sundays and ensure to get the right shape as there are many various ways to remove your brow hair like plucking, threading, tweezing, and waxing. So, choose the right way that suits you perfectly.

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