5 Winter Must-Haves for Women

Winter is finally here! We’ve waited year-long to bring out our warm clothes, sit by a bonfire and feel the winter blues. It is also time to showcase your inner fashionista. Here are five winter must-haves for this winter season.


Say goodbye to flip-flops and make way for Boots. Winter is the only time one can dust off their boots and wear them unabashedly. Not only are they fashionable but they’re also functional. Protect your feet from the chill. The best part is they can go well with anything. Create a badass look with skinny jeans, a jacket and boots. Go for a cute, cosy look with a turtleneck, skirt and boots. The perfect date looks with a dress, stockings and boots. And if you are travelling to the mountains then they are the perfect footwear to beat the snow with.

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A turtleneck will never go out of fashion. It is timelessly fashionable for both casual and formal occasions. Pair it with a trench coat and trousers and you have an effortlessly classy formal outfit. A turtleneck with flared jeans is a go-to brunch outfit. Find yourself solid colours like white, black, teal, peach and beige.

Skirts and Stockings

Many are shy to put on skirts in winter, but a leather skirt and stockings are enough to beat the winter. It will be a refreshing addition to your warm clothes. Pair it with heels/boots, and a colourful sweater and you’re good to go.


A romper-jacket, woollen jacket or hoodie should already be in your wardrobe. They are a relief from the sweatshirts that you’ll see in the season. What we also suggest is a faux-leather jacket much more preferable than a leather one – it’s cheaper and eco-friendly. Black is unbeatable but we’ve also seen wonderful jackets in teal, baby pink, red and brown. Find your colour and wear it well.


When you say winter, we think cardigan. Last but definitely not least, a cardigan is essential winter wear. Your wardrobe is simply incomplete without the classic cardigan. Want to go for a walk? Slip on your cardigan. Meeting a friend for brunch? Slip on your cardigan. Have a work meeting in a warm, closed space? Slip on a cardigan. A quiet night in with your family? Slip on your cardigan.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Make the most out of it!

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