Beautiful and Best Hairstyles to try this Eid

We have already begun to get ready to look our best this Eid because it is just around the corner. We don’t know about you, but those Instagram photos aren’t going to look good on their own. Aside from selecting the perfect dress and makeup, you should also consider your hairstyle. Your hair has a significant impact on your overall appearance. For that reason, keep reading if you want to rock this Desi holiday. We’re going to look at some of the best hairstyles to try for Eid this year.

Beautiful and best hairstyles to try for this Eid:
Half Up Side Braid

Long hair is perfect for a stunning half-updo with a side braid, and the ombré colour only makes the look better. The half-updo lets you show off your long hair strands while the braided sides prevent your hair from touching your face. For Eid, when you’re wearing something regal, this hairstyle is just ideal. It will look fantastic with your Afghan suits or Lehengas.

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French Braid

What good is a hairstyle blog without a French braid, right? One of the best hairstyles for traditional outfits you would wear for Eid is a French braid. To begin with this hairstyle, straighten your hair. Place a section of hair into your main braid, and then French braid it. Finish braiding your hair all the way to the ends, then fasten it with a small hair elastic. If you also add some zari or pearl hair accessories, this festive hairstyle will look regal.

Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

For women with long hair who work out, the Dutch braid is a lifesaver. To get rid of any tangles and knots, stroke your hair down. The top hair then should be collected and combed back. Pass the centre region of the braid over the side sections rather than under to create a Dutch braid. Until the braid is completely finished, keep adding hair to the side sections and braiding. Use an elastic band to keep the braid in place. For a more relaxed appearance, you may also pull out the sides of the braid.

Twisted Bun

This classy bun style serves a variety of functions because it is suitable for both formal occasions and family gatherings. And it looks great with long gowns and sarees for Eid. Part your hair in the middle to achieve this look. Along your hairline, section off every hair starting about 2 inches in. Use a hair elastic to secure the remaining hair at the back of your neck. After that, divide the ponytail into two parts. Turn both sections until they are completely twisted, and then weave the twisted sections together. Put bobby pins all the way around the bun’s perimeter to hold the intertwined hair sections in place at the back of your neck. Pick up the hair that has been divided into sections on the left side of the face. Twist it tightly, and pin it back underneath the bun, close to the nape of your neck. Repeat on the opposite side.

French Pouf And High Ponytail

This hairstyle is quite cool. If you believe it is difficult to accomplish, you have got to think again! Make a French fishtail braid by carefully backcombing the hair at the top and top of your head. Put a pin through the braid’s crown. Make a high ponytail out of the remaining hair you have gathered. Wrap two sections of tresses from the ponytail around the elastic band to conceal it. Put a pin through the ends of the elastic band to secure them.

Waterfall Crown

Waterfall Crown

If you want to look soft and feminine for Eid, this is the best hairstyle to go with. Create two waterfall braids on either side of the centre part of your hair. Using an elastic band, merge the hair at the back. Select a small section of hair from the half ponytail, and then encircle the elastic band with it. Put another elastic band around the ponytail after weaving it into a fishtail braid for a few inches. Pick up some hair again, and this time use it to hide the elastic band. To complete the look, repeat the fishtail braiding step and the hair-wrapping step one more time.

What are some of your best hairstyles to go with for Eid? Let us know!

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