Gorgeous Ways to Style High Neck Blouse Designs

High neck blouses are one of the best and most sophisticated fashion trends that you can wear anytime you want. But if we are talking about which season is the best time to wear a high neck blouse, our answer would be winters and monsoon. They will be able to keep you warm, cosy, and stylish all at the same time. Anyway, do you have some amazingly fashionable high neck blouses just waiting to be worn in your closet? Well if yes, you are most certainly in the right place. Let’s take a look at how to style high neck blouses to make the best statement, shall we?

How to style a high neck blouse or high neck dress?
Go for the right fit bottoms

A high neck blouse will always make a bold statement whether you like it or not. So to make the statement clear and fashionable, you should pick up some perfect fit bottom wear such as pencil skirts or perfectly fitted slim trousers or pants. If you need a more informal look, you can also go for short skirts or trousers. Mini skirts or shorts with high neck blouses can be a perfect high school outfit or a casual meeting outfit with friends.

Always choose a blazer

A blazer that matches your high neck blouse or dress is probably the smart and professional look for anyone. Just wearing a high neckline blouse can look boring so why not spice it up with a blazer? But you have to remember that the colour of the blazer should match the colour of your outfit. We would recommend a blazer that matches the colour of your high neck blouse to keep it simple and cool.

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Don’t forget to choose an accessory

We are not talking about jewellery (not yet at least). Rather we are talking about handbags hats or sunglasses that would go well with your outfit. Handbags are typically the best choice to choose while wearing a high neck blouse if you want to improve your boss look. But you can also go for sunglasses and a hat if it is a sunny day.

Jewellery can help too!

That’s right. You don’t have to completely rely on an earring while wearing a high neck blouse. You can choose other jewel accessories that go well with the outfit. A long neckpiece, hanging earrings and even a chain bracelet would give your outfit a boost. But don’t wear all of them at once. Either go with an earring and necklace or an earring and bracelet. That would keep the look simple and sophisticated.

Hairstyles are important

It is best to choose a hairstyle that ties up at least a part of your hair while wearing high-neck blouses. It helps by making sure that people can notice your blouse’s neckline instead of just the rest of the outfit. You can go for some kind of bun hairstyle, ponytails, side braided hairstyle, etc. Whatever hairstyle that will make sure that your hair doesn’t cover up the front of your neck is the way to go.

And now you’re all ready to go out and make that impressive fashion statement. Do you wear high-neck blouses a lot? If yes, let us know all your styling tips below, will you?

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