Interesting Facts About Kajal You Might Be Amazed to Know

Kajal is one of the inevitable beauty products which find its place in most Indian women’s cosmetic world. Being a staple cosmetic ingredient, Kajal would be extremely beneficial in highlighting your look and grabs attention. Your eyes speak more than your lips, isn’t it? While wearing Kajal would be your favourite thing, you still got to know many interesting facts about kajal. So, let’s check out the following interesting facts about kajal you might be amazed to know. Continue reading. . .

A Cure for Eye Ailments:

Dated back to 3100 B.C, Kajal was initially used in Egypt. The Egyptians considered kajal to be an adornment and a cure to eye ailments as well. Traditionally, they used kajal to line up the upper and lower eyelash since it would shield their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. And it was known to be the “Galene eye paint”. Whenever it comes to Egypt, the majestic and beautiful queen, Cleopatra would obviously flash in your mind. So, it is no wonder that kajal was initially used by Egyptians.

Prevents Infection:

Since kajal is prepared using natural ingredients, it would be harmless. This is due to the organic nature of the kajal as it would guard your eyes against infection. It would offer a soothing and cooling effect to your eyes as well.

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Gives a Larger and Bolder Look:

You might have seen Bharatanatyam and Kathakali dancers who slather heavy eye makeup. This is because it would give their eyes a larger, bolder and dramatic look especially during the performance. Moreover, it would give them the unique look which highlights their performance and expression too.

Available in Various Forms:

While kajal is known by different names in various languages, Kajal or kohl is available in chubby sticks, pencils, gel and powder.

Ward Off the Evil:

Like dancers wearing heavy eye makeup, people would apply a dot on a child’s head and neck and even in hands using the gel. In some parts of India, it is a traditional practice to apply kajal or kohl to “protect the child from evil.”

Making your eyes speak would be more attractive, and it would give you a distinct look. Apart from looks, applying Kajal would be helpful in protecting your eyes from infection. So, you do not have to feel guilty about it as these are the interesting facts about kajal you might be amazed to know.

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