Natural Homemade Hair Serums and Their Benefits

Hair serum is the way to go if you want silky, bouncy, and healthy-looking hair. Hair serum offers your hair the necessary protective layer. Hair serums are used by many men and women to keep their hair in place while they are out. Many others use the serum to keep their skin looking lustrous and healthy. Hair serums, no matter why you want to use them, can be pricey. We’ve got your back if you feel the same way and can’t seem to live without it at the same time. Continue reading to learn about some natural homemade hair serums and the benefits of utilising them.

Natural Homemade hair serums to make:
For frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is difficult to manage, and it requires more hair serum than other hair types. So, here’s a quick and easy DIY hair serum remedy for frizzy hair.

Ingredients for this homemade hair serum:

Rosewater – Two tablespoons
Aloe vera gel – Ten tablespoons
Coconut oil – Two tablespoons
Vitamin E capsule or oil – One tablespoon or two capsules
Essential oil (Rose or Jasmine) – Ten drops

How to make this homemade hair serum:

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a small mixing dish. It’s possible that using fresh aloe vera gel will result in lumps. So, just to be sure, you can use a blender to thoroughly combine everything. After that, store it in a glass bottle and use it after you’ve washed your hair or anytime you’d like.

For damaged and dry hair:

Hair serum is necessary for dry and damaged hair for a variety of reasons. It can not only improve the appearance of your hair but also protect it from additional damage. This DIY hair serum will help your dry, damaged hair, especially if you use heat styling products frequently.

Ingredients to use for this homemade hair serum:

Vitamin E capsule or oil – One tablespoon or two capsules
Grapeseed oil – Four tablespoons’
Essential oil (Lavender) – Four to five drops

How to make this homemade hair serum:

To prepare this hair serum, simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir well. Then, to begin using it, transfer it to a spray bottle or any tiny bottle. This hair serum can also be applied overnight to achieve results as quickly as feasible. To avoid further damage to your hair, make sure to use a gentle, paraben-free shampoo.

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For oily hair:

Hair serum may not appear to be necessary for greasy hair, but it is if you want to promote hair development and keep it healthy for longer. This efficient DIY hair serum for oily hair contains all of the necessary ingredients that a serum should contain.

Ingredients for homemade hair serum:

Almond oil – Two tablespoons
Aloe vera gel – Six tablespoons
Argan oil – Two tablespoons
Essential oils (Tea tree and Lavender) – Five to six drops of each

How to make this homemade hair serum:

The fresh aloe vera gel, as previously explained, follows the same norm. If you want to use fresh aloe vera gel, blend it with the rest of the ingredients in a blender. If it’s store-bought, you may make this homemade hair serum by simply mixing it in a basin. It’s best to use it a couple of hours before washing your hair for the best effects.

Now, let’s look at some of the most significant benefits of using natural hair serums.

Benefits of using a natural hair serum:

* It can protect your hair from damage caused by the sun and heat styling tools like straighteners and curlers.
* It can help maintain your hair frizz-free and detangled.
* Hair serum can improve the appearance and feel of your hair.
* Some hair serums can also help with dandruff and dry scalp.
* Finally, it improves the overall health of your hair by adding moisture.

That’s all there is to know about making your own hair serums. How often do you use hair serums, and do you make your own or buy them? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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