What Broccoli Could Do for Your Skin and Hair?

The rays of health benefits of broccoli are awesome enough. This is why it turns out to be the most popular super-food. Known to be one of the healthiest cruciferous veggies, Broccoli is packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your body’s development. This greeny choice of veggie is thus naturally effective in averting the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. Belongs to the cabbage family, broccoli might not be everyone’s favourite but still many are adding it to their diet because of its wonderful health benefits. While it could do much for your health, what broccoli could do for your skin and hair? Well, the antioxidants and the rich source of vitamin C present in the veggie are more than enough for the enhancement of your skin and hair. So, let’s check out what broccoli could for your skin and hair!


The presence of vitamin C in the veggie would help combat the free radicals which are responsible for premature ageing or speeding up the ageing. Also, it would increase collagen production thereby enhancing skin elasticity and lowering wrinkles as well. These would in turn slow down the ageing process or prevent premature ageing.


The cruciferous veggie could be your natural sunscreen and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It would also avert the chance of skin cancer as well as sunburn. This is due to the essential vitamin C and antioxidants of broccoli.

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While the antioxidants of the veggie help in delaying the ageing process, Vitamin C could be helpful in collagen production. Additionally, the presence of a compound called glucoraphanin in broccoli could help repair the skin and results in healthy and glowing skin.


When it comes to hair health, you would love to witness a faster and healthier result. Again, the robust vitamin C content of the veggie could get rid of the free radicals and improves the health of your mane. Also, the presence of B vitamins could lower the stress which would thus curb hair loss. So now, you have to ensure to add broccoli to your diet.


If you use broccoli seed oil, it would offer you the best than you think. The presence of amazing fatty acid composition could work as the silicone of the shampoos. This could thus result in shining and dazzling strands of hair. The omega-9 fatty acid of this green veggie could infuse the smooth locks naturally.

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Both B vitamins and vitamin C is essential for the improvement of your hair. They strengthen your hair follicles and strands of the hair as well. Also, broccoli is rich in vitamin A which along with vitamin C could stimulate sebum production which conditions the hair naturally. That sounds great, right?

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