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Celebrate this Festive Season in the Utsav Collection from Ethnicity

Celebrate this Festive Season in the Utsav Collection from Ethnicity

India, our land of Festivals, is gearing up to usher in newer beginnings and a positive hope for the future with the upcoming festivities. The joyous season sees everyone donning new attires, symbolising a new dawn and starting afresh.

This auspicious season, Ethnicity brings you their celebratory collection – ‘Utsav’; an assortment of styles that tell the story about India in all its festive splendour.

The Utsav collection takes inspiration from Indian embroidery techniques from different realms of the country, bringing alive the vibrancy that is synonymous with Indian festivals. ‘Utsav’ is a timeless collection with a focus on detailed jari embroidery designs that are intermixed with delicate aari work, both merging seamlessly to create flawless designs that are essentially Indian. Woven onto exquisite velvets, chanderi silks and silk blends, the Utsav collection is crafted in vivid hues like ruby reds, magentas, mustard, onion pinks and greens that lend a prismatic touch to this collection; making it the collection of choice this festive season.

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The Utsav Collection from Ethnicity starts from Rs. 1,299/-

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