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Celebration of International Pet Day And Ways To Treat Your Pets: April 11

Celebration of International Pet Day And Ways To Treat Your Pets: April 11

HOW TO CELEBRATE NATIONAL PET DAY: You might have thought of multiple ideas to celebrate Pet Day with your pet but still, you might not have fixed with any. Here are some fabulous ideas to celebrate “National Pet Day” with your pet – Going for a long walk with your pet, Give a pet party and invite your friends and their pets or neighbors and their pets for the party, Celebrate your pet day by donating the foods, blankets or funds to your local shelter or post some beautiful pictures with your loving pet as it is included in the celebration or go for a pet photo-shoot. Get ready for a home movie time with your pet and give them delectable dishes for lunchtime. Give your pet the extra care and love which you actually give every day or make sure your pet is happy with your deeds and only you know what your pet feels and tells you as it has created a strong bonding with you. Serve your pet with vanilla ice cream treat and enjoy your time by creating extra bonding and celebrate this National Pet Day with your pet by creating an extra bond.

TREAT YOUR PET AT BETTER PLACES IN INDIA: You must visit this flamboyant place for some lovely cuddling paw time with your pet and give them a treat. Visit Woodhouse, The Pet Café which is located at Kolkata and it is not restricted for pet dogs and cats. It is also a shelter for uncaged birds and has an aquarium as well. They also serve pet foods for your pet and also offer packages for your pet birthday parties. Isn’t that sound cool? There are many such places where you could take your pet for a treat and spend quality time with your pet. Give a visit for Therpup at Bangalore, Cat Café studio at Mumbai and Puppychino at Delhi. If you do not have a pet to treat them, just go for pet-friendly restaurants where you could play with pets at the restaurant and feel the calmness in you. However, many Indian celebrities post pictures with their pets and express their love for their pets on social media. To mention a few – South Indian Actress Trisha, Bollywood Actresses Jacquline, and Alia Bhatt and the pictures they post with their pets expose how bonded they are!

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