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Dalgona Coffee: The Most Celebrated Drink During The Pandemic

Dalgona Coffee: The Most Celebrated Drink During The Pandemic

  • Have a healthy sip of dalgona coffee by knowing its benefits!
  • A sudden-spike of interest is healthy with its healthy ingredients!

As of now, the whole country is immersed in battling the deadly disease COVID-19 or coronavirus. In order to curb the spread of the virus, the Government has imposed lockdown which means “India is closed” for a certain period. Meanwhile, social media is filled with pictures of dalgona coffee. People have been taking it as a challenge and started giving a try in preparing the coolest sip of the coffee during this quarantine. That’s how it becomes the talk of the town during this lockdown. But we gotta accept the fact that the challenge rises from nowhere and turns out to be the trending-quarantine thing now.

But where does it really come from? Otherwise known as whipped coffee or “beaten coffee”, Dalgona coffee has originated from India, Pakistan, and China. However, it was named as “Dalgona” in January of this year as it appeared on the Korean TV show in which, a Korean actor tried the drink while on his holiday at Maucau in China and gave a sobriquet as “Dalgona Coffee” as it looks like the Korean sponge cake called Dalgona. Well, we gotta think about how healthy it is, isn’t it? Yes, Let’s check out this trendy-thing provides!

LOW IN GLYCEMIC INDEX: Well, the coconut sugar contains a lower glycemic index. It is around 54 when compared with table sugar which has almost 60. However, it has been claimed that coconut sugar only has less chance of increasing blood sugar than refined sugar.

ACTS AS AN ENERGY DRINK: Could you believe that dalgona coffee enhances your energy levels? Yes, it is an instant energy boost just like that of your regular coffee. Howbeit, your instant coffee incorporates antioxidants and nutrients which might benefit your health in several ways by lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes and liver disease as well.

MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN RELIEVING ACIDITY: What if this cool drink could combat your acidity? Yes! This is because this sudden-popular drink is made with milk which could help you meet up the digestion issues. Also, the presence of calcium and protein in milk might helpful in alleviating heartburn as per some shreds of evidence.

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HELPFUL IN WEIGHT LOSS: Replacing coconut sugar for regular table sugar might be the wisest choice when you use it at a moderate level. Well, it has small amounts of minerals, antioxidants, and fiber which in turn might help lose few kgs. Meanwhile, you gotta watch out your use of the coconut sugar as it is high in fructose content. This, in turn, would encourage metabolic syndrome in obese persons though.

LESS CAFFEINE CONTENT: Too much caffeine consumption could spike up your chance of anxiety, upset stomach, tiredness, tremors, fast heartbeat, and sleep-deprivation as per studies. Surprisingly, the caffeine content in instant coffee is less when compared to regular coffee.

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