Jailer Fame Actor Vinayakan Speaks About His Iconic Character, Varman, in the Film

Malayalam cinema has long been regarded as creating extraordinary talent. And Vinayakan is a name that has recently become well-known throughout the South Indian film industry. This outstanding actor’s latest portrayal of the merciless goon, Varman, in the film “Jailer,” has received widespread acclaim and elevated him to new levels of fame and reputation. This article delves into Vinayakan’s opinion on his legendary character, Varman, his experience working on the film, and what it was like sharing screen space with the one and only Rajinikanth.

Vinayakan portrayed Varman in “Jailer,” a ruthless goon with big dreams of gaining fortune by stealing a priceless crown. Varman’s performance is one of the film’s major features. And his scenes with Rajinikanth captivated people. Vinayakan’s portrayal of the dreadful Varman has not only gained him critical acclaim but has also opened up new doors in the Tamil cinema industry.

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Vinayakan recently shared an unusual story about how he came on board for the project in a video. He revealed that he had been staying in the forest for a few days when he was offered the role of Varman in “Jailer.” The actor stated that he couldn’t pass up this opportunity, owing to the chance to collaborate with Rajinikanth and the legendary production business Sun Pictures.

Vinayakan couldn’t stop praising Rajinikanth, the renowned Superstar. He emphasised that the role of Varman is being acclaimed mostly because of Rajinikanth’s sheer fire and charisma. Vinayakan applauded Rajinikanth’s aura as mesmerising and stated about the honour of sharing screen space with such a legend.

The actor showed real affection and admiration for the film and his character. He stated that he truly appreciated every segment in “Jailer.” Vinayakan further stated that the film gave him adequate opportunity to fully convey the subtle characteristics of his character, Varman.

Finally, Vinayakan expressed his profound thanks to Rajinikanth, director Nelson, and producer Kalanithi Maran for allowing him to be a part of “Jailer.” He admitted that this experience had a positive impact on his career and expressed optimism about the possibility of receiving more offers from Tamil films in the future.

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