Soori Confirms The Restart of Viduthalai Part 2, Filming in a New BTS Video

Vetrimaaran directed the critically praised Tamil film ‘Viduthalai 1’. Its gripping narrative attracted fans and starred Soori and Vijay Sethupathi in prominent roles. The film’s enormous popularity and critical acclaim inspired the filmmakers to begin filming for ‘Viduthalai 2.’ Soori joyfully announced the start of filming with a BTS video, sparking a lot of excitement among followers.

‘Viduthalai 1,’ which was released in March of last year, was a box office smash. It was a commercial success as well as a critical success. The film tackled powerful subjects while highlighting the brilliant cast’s great performances. The first instalment’s success not only impressed the audience. It also prompted the crew to build on the plot, giving birth to the much anticipated ‘Viduthalai 2.’

Soori, a well-known actor recognised for his versatility, recently posted an amazing Behind-The-Scenes video to his social media page. The video depicts his change from his current bearded appearance to that of a police officer. Along with the video, Soori wrote “Kumaresan Ready…Shooting in progress,” officially confirming the restart of the shooting for ‘Viduthalai 2.’ The announcement has heightened the anticipation among enthusiastic admirers.

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The team has returned to the scenic forests of Sirumalai in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. The setting, with its rich foliage and tranquil mood, complements the story nicely. The shooting schedule for ‘Viduthalai 2’ is set to last thirty days. This extended chronology demonstrates the team’s dedication to creating an engrossing and realistic cinematic journey for the audience, heightening the excitement for the film’s premiere.

The cast of ‘Viduthalai 2’ includes notable performers like as Soori, Vijay Sethupathi, Gautham Menon, Bhavanisree, Prakashraj, Chetan, Rajeev Menon, and Suriya Vijay Sethupathi, among others as well. These incredible people are expected to provide exceptional performances due to their exceptional acting abilities. They will undoubtedly bring to life the film’s interesting characters. Furthermore, the partnership of famed filmmaker Vetrimaaran, production firm RS Infotainment, music genius Ilayaraja, and cinematographer Velraj promised a blend of excellent storytelling, dramatic music, and magnificent visuals.

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Despite minimal screen time, Vijay Sethupathi’s character, Vaathiyaar, created a strong impression in the first instalment. ‘Viduthalai 2’ will dig more into Vaathiyaar’s Naxalite odyssey, delving into the complexities of his ascent and collapse. Vetrimaaran’s excellent directing will reveal the nuances of this enthralling character. It will further engage the viewers in the captivating story. Fans can look forward to a stimulating and thought-provoking movie experience that crosses boundaries and leaves an indelible impression.

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