Top 6 Christmas Movies to Watch

Without holiday movies to evoke the full holiday spirit, what would Christmas be? Play your favourite holiday films as you bake cookies, wrap gifts, and just want to curl up under a blanket to escape the early darkness. Let’s start spreading holiday cheer the right way by watching all these incredible Christmas movies that you must never miss, shall we?

Top Christmas Movies to watch:
Love Actually

What do you get when you combine a star-studded cast with eight rom-com plots and Christmas? An outstanding ensemble piece, which Hollywood has since attempted (failed) to emulate with the dreadful Valentine’s Day and what appears to be another worse New Year’s Eve. Love Actually may be a bit corny, but it has plenty of endearing scenes like the one where Colin Firth proposes (spoilers ahead!) and the one where Andrew Lincoln confesses his passion to Keira Knightley on his doorstep that more than makeup for the few mildly cringe-inducing aesthetic. It’s a cheery holiday film that will have you singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” until February.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This movie tells the history of Santa Claus and a number of Christmas traditions involving him through the narration of a mailman. He recounts the story of a young child named Kris who was abandoned at the Kringle family’s door (yes, those Kringles). When Kris is older, he would like to bring toys to the kids in Sombertown, but he runs into challenges that make this task (nearly) impossible.

Home Alone

Even though it seems unlikely that any family would completely ignore their 8-year-old child and far less likely that being said 8-year-old could successfully fend off two burglars, once you get past the notion, this film is a staple of holiday entertainment. It’s wonderful for nostalgic purposes (who doesn’t recall being afraid of aftershave after the movie’s famous scene?) Aside from that, having to watch Joe Pesci as well as Daniel Stern fall down icy stairs, get hit by hanging paint cans, and catch fire is excellent low-brow humour and serves as a reminder to us all that being an outcast (or the youngest) doesn’t always equate to being a wimp.

A Christmas Story

For good reason, this classic is frequently cited as one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made. The abundance of iconic moments and quotes, such as Flick getting his tongue glued to the pole, The kids getting triple-dog-dared to be doing something. Ralphie’s horrifying pink bunny pyjamas, eating Peking duck for Christmas dinner, and “You’ll shoot your eye out,” are just a few examples. If it isn’t already a yearly tradition in your family, all these funny moments make the classic Christmas comedy worth a watch.



The movie uses older animated Christmas classics, so if you’ve not seen it yet, don’t be put off by the beginning’s retro animation. Will Ferrell’s portrayal of Buddy is endearingly sincere, even in the face of the sceptical reality of New York City, whether you enjoy it with your parents or cousins. This movie almost makes you want to spread maple syrup on your pasta as a show of support. Almost. In the end, Ferrell’s charm makes up for the film’s ultimate antagonists (the Central Park Rangers? ), who cause it to veer slightly toward corniness.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

As the leader of the Griswold family and committed to giving his family an authentic Christmas, Chevy Chase was at the height of his powers. However, despite the attempts, things begin to go wrong as soon as his aunts and uncles show up. You’ll be reminded that hey, perhaps your family holidays aren’t quite so bad by the movie’s best scenes, including Cousin Eddie and family arriving in the family RV with his wife and two odd children, and the dangerous journey to choose the Christmas tree.

There are obviously more and more amazing Christmas movies that you can watch with your family and loved ones all throughout the season. Some recent popular ones include Frozen and many other Disney movies in a lot of households. No matter what your family’s movie tradition is like, we hope you have a wonderful time filled with Christmas cheer and joy all thought out the month.

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