Amusing Facts About God’s Own Country’s Onam Festival

Being the harvest festival, Onam is widely celebrated in Kerala. It is also known to be a secular festival as all the people started celebrating it, irrespective of the religion. The festival marks the beginning of the new year when it comes to Malayalam Calendar. Usually, Onam is a ten-day festival that inculcates multiple fun elements. But it might not be the same due to the pandemic situation. When it comes to the Onam festival, the first thing that comes to your mind is the floral decoration. Adding to the delightful and colourful excitement, let’s check out the amusing facts about God’s own country’s Onam festival. Continue reading. . .


Isn’t it the best time to head towards the paradise of green? As the celebration goes for two long weeks, it could be the perfect time to visit the place. The peak celebration could be seen in about 20 places all over the capital of the state, Trivandrum. It incorporates delish food stalls, awe-inspiring folk arts, handicraft fairs, aesthetic stage shows or dance dramas, or classical dance. Although the state is celebrating it virtually due to the pandemic situation, you could still be there and enjoy the touch of Kerala’s Onam breeze. It would be totally pleasant by simply presenting there physically and mentally.


Festival and tummy-satiating special foods are the best combinations ever. The celebration is incomplete without Onam Sadhya that inculcates toothsome dishes. It would be served on the large banana leaf and then you could not keep yourself from gobbling the delight dishes ever. Though you could not make it this year, make it happen the next year.


You could make get the best out of the state’s rich essence when you visit the Thrikkakara temple. The festival vibe starts with the flag hoisting ceremony of the temple. It would be followed by the cultural dance and music performances for the rest of the days of festive. Furthermore, Pakalpooram, the splendid procession could take place the day before the festival. The procession has its main thing as the idol of Vamana is kept on an elephant and would be taken around the temple. So, the best festival vibe could be experienced right here in Thrikkakara village.


When it comes to a ten-day Onam festival, you could not forget the vibrant boat race of the state and its significance. Who else would miss to witness this striking water event? Well, this year could not be the same as before. The future might not be the same though. This is one of the amusing facts about God’s own country’s Onam festival. AranmulaVallamkali, otherwise known as boat race in English, is witnessed in the banks of the Pampa river of the Pathanamthitta district. The boat race is not about the competition or winning but it does have a religious significance. This is to honour the installation of Lord Krishna’s idol in Aranmula Parthasarathy temple. The tremendous spirit of the people rowing the boat could be amazing and thrilling on the deep green water.


The vibration of the Pulikali or tiger play could infuse the electrifying vibe inside the people. This is a part of the Onam festival celebration which takes place on the 4th day of the Onam festival. The trained artists would come forward to perform this robust folk art of the state. The costumes of the dancers are body-painted as tigers and it almost takes four hours solidly to complete the costume look. Moreover, the best-performed tiger of the percussion would be awarded. These artists have to soak their painted bodies along with kerosene strip away the paint from the body. How dedicated are they? Well, Onam is one such festival that brings power and vibration to the people. Let goodness and prosperity begin! Happy Onam 2021!

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