International Mountain Day – Dec 11

Mountains are among the most fascinating geological formations that our planet has to offer. Mountains have been used as outdoor spaces and houses of worship by many generations of humans, and they are a blatant example of the enormous changes that occur underneath the surface of the world. Anything that has endured for millennia as a mainstay for countless individuals and cultures is worthy of celebration. Therefore, we recognise December 11 as International Mountain Day.

When Agenda 21’s Chapter 13 “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development” was approved at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992, the background of International Mountain Day was born. Without a doubt, it marked a turning point in mountain history and development. As the value of mountains became more widely recognised, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2002 as the UN International Year of Mountains and established December 11 as International Mountain Day in 2003. So, on December 11, 2003, we can officially say that International Mountain Day was first observed. It is observed with a distinct theme each year.

Reasons why International Mountain Day is fun to celebrate:
Mountains undergo constant change

Mountains are constantly changing despite the fact that they don’t move much over the course of a person’s lifetime due to their inherent nature. Things that are constantly changing are inherently fascinating.

Mountains present a way out of our daily lives

Mountain ranges enable people to approach the sky more closely without ever fleeing the ground, whereas bird’s-eye views are only available to, well, birds. Up until the invention of aircraft, mountains were the only thing that allowed humans to travel to the highest altitudes. Although they have since been surpassed, they continue to provide an unmatched escape from the drudgery of daily life.

They’re basically adult playgrounds

The youngsters can keep their playground equipment because we have mountains. What other justification do you need to commemorate such an interesting and enjoyable day, right? Mountains are like play areas for adults with their many rivers, rock faces, and vantage points.

Importance of Mountains:

● The most beautiful natural structures are mountains because they are strong, and majestic, and contrast the sky with them, giving the impression that they could cast a shadow over the entire countryside. They serve as both recreational and resource centres. They are the origin of agriculture and offer plenty of space for farming on the slopes.
● The water cycle is significantly influenced by mountains.
● When the snowmelt occurs in the spring and summer, it is stored in the mountains, where it remains until it is used to supply vital water to downstream territories, agriculture, and industrial operations.
● In developing nations, wood fuel is the main source of energy in mountain settlements and is also crucial for many people living in urban lowlands and on plains, whether it takes the form of wood or charcoal. There are numerous uses for mountain wood as well. For example, biological diversity is greatly influenced by the mountain’s ecosystems.

How to celebrate International Mountain Day:
Clear your neighbourhood’s nature reserves

Whether you live in a mountainous area or not, International Mountain Day is a great excuse to get outside and take care of the areas that make your natural surroundings fascinating and worthwhile. That’s right, those trails don’t just disappear.

Educate someone about the benefits of mountains

Even though you may have hiked a number of mountains a thousand times, your friend probably hasn’t. Make the most of International Mountain Day to share your passion for the great outdoors with your best mates.

Get to the top of a mountain you’ve never been to

Find a different route if you’ve scaled Everest. You have work to do for everyone else! Even if you’ve scaled some very tall mountains, there are always more worthwhile to climb. The best option in the United States is Colorado, it seems. Seventy-five per cent of the U.S.’s land area has an elevation of 10,000 feet or higher, according to a few top reports.

Because of this, every year on December 11, International Mountain Day is observed to bring attention to and raise knowledge about the importance of mountains to not only humankind but also to the environment, ecosystem, and local residents.

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