World Smile Day 2021

Smile often with beautiful reasons and the reasons are abundant if you realize. The smile you give to the familiar persons is a sweet gesture. The loud laughter or smile can brighten up your day. The popular health benefits associated with laughter and smile are amazingly awesome. When you are really freaked out of something but someone tries to make you smile, it ignites the day. Certainly, smiling is the best expression of all, and celebrating a day internationally is a great thing ever. World Smile Day is observed on the 1st of October globally every year. As per the popular saying, “Always be the reason for someone’s smile” which suits the current world. Continue reading to know more about World Smile Day.


Dated back in 1999, Harvey Ball pronounced the first Friday of October to be celebrated as World Smile Day. Later, it is celebrated yearly in Smiley’s hometown of Worcester, MA, and globally as well. Spreading kindness and love is a precious act one can inhabit. How amazing it is to observe a day for generosity and encouraging everyone to smile! The coolest initiation ever! The modern world has forgotten how to smile. To honour the great figure, Harvey Ball, Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established in 2001. He was an artist who created the famous smiley face. Not to mention, the aim of this foundation is “enhancing this world, one smile at a time.” This is an opt for the current machine world where people do not have time to pause and smile or spread kindness.


This international day is celebrated with associated themes and focuses accordingly. Celebrating this year’s World Smile Day, this day comes with the theme, “do an act of kindness, help one person to smile.” Happy World Smile Day! Be the reason for someone’s smile!

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