World Tourism Day – 27th September

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, which is today, World Tourism Day will be observed. This day is commemorated annually with the goal of promoting travel around the globe. The UN World Tourism Organisation was the one that started it (UNWTO). It is recognised for promoting tourism and recognising its significance. The purpose of the day is to help people appreciate the pleasure of travelling. It is a very significant occasion. Tuesday, September 27, is recognised as World Tourism Day in order to highlight the significance of travel worldwide. People are better able to comprehend how the tourism industry contributes to the expansion and advancement of a nation thanks to the day. World Tourism Day must be observed by all and should serve to increase tourism awareness.

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World Tourism Day: History and Significance

World Tourism Day was established by the UNWTO General Assembly in its third session, held in Torremolinos, Spain, in September 1979. It then became a celebration the following year. This day was selected to fall on the commemoration of the implementation of the UNWTO Statutes on September 27, 1970, a significant turning point in world tourism.

It is crucial to remember that tourism significantly contributes to a country’s economy and enhances its reputation. World Tourism Day is significant because it promotes the benefits of tourism.

World Tourism Day: Theme

‘Rethinking Tourism’ is the subject of this year’s theme. The objective is to reevaluate tourism’s role in the development process, including job creation and educational opportunities, as well as its effects on the environment and potential for more sustainable growth. Bali, Indonesia is hosting the official World Tourism Day celebration this year.

Sustainable ways to celebrate World Tourism Day:
Explore your home instead of travelling
There are numerous ways to explore your own city or hometown. Here are a few examples:

● Take a bicycle tour to experience the neighbourhood from a different perspective.
● Travel without moving by visiting the neighbourhoods of migrant communities, tasting and learning about other cultures! Alternatively, join a tour led by migrants and gain a unique outlook on your city!
● Rediscover lost customs, create your own walking tour with nearby establishments, and enjoy a satisfying meal at a family-run eatery.

Increase social media awareness of the theme

As the saying goes, “Sharing is caring,” and incorporating the theme into your communication strategy is a surefire way to promote environmentally friendly travel and events. With the aid of technology, motivate each other by sharing the most recent changes at your company or by launching an online competition for the nonprofit of your choice that has a positive impact! Many apps will assist you in walking, running, or biking for a good cause, and there are apps that will help you battle world hunger too. Additionally, look into how your venture can benefit your neighbourhood.

How to celebrate World Tourism Day at home?
Plan your next vacation by travelling virtually

Having fun and making plans for your next vacation may be a great alternative for those who are unable to travel. From your screen, you might discover and learn about interesting cultures, new, wonderful places to visit, and the splendour of nature. Remember to take notes, though.

Visit local attractions or shop at SMEs in your city

It’s always a good idea to visit local attractions to boost the economy. Local attractions will always be happy to have you visit them, and SMEs are always available to meet your needs. Due to the country’s efforts and support in raising awareness, some business owners might even offer discounts or free admission.

Make something out of unused household items and travel mementoes

Have a lot of unnecessary items? Recycle your unwanted items to support recycling and the development objectives! These unused items might find a new user if they are repurposed. The options are limitless so you can try anything you want.

How are you celebrating this year’s World Tourism Day? Let us know your plans to support this year’s theme while also having fun!

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