5 Best Fishes to Add to Your Aquarium

Investing your money to add some beautiful fishes to your aquarium world is best idea. Having an aquarium in your home means it brings joy, positivity and fortune. It observes the negativity and brings in the positivity to your space. When adding active and healthy fishes to your aquarium, it inculcates the calming effect. The sound produced from water in aquarium offers an easing and relaxing ambience. You may take every step to create a beautiful and stress-free aquarium in your home. So, this article can be your guide to choose the best freshwater fishes to add to your aquarium.

Rainbow Fish:

As aquarium is a good investment, it comes with numerous benefits. It is characterized with shyness and peaceful when added with other fishes in the tank. The advantage of Rainbow fishes is that they have a good rapport with barbs and tetras. Moreover, they are easy to take care and maintain. They are definitely a pick for your aquarium.

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Mollies are a great addition to your home. They are cute, tiny and easy-maintaining fish types that reproduce. These fishes elongate up to 3 to 4 inches and are omnivorous. You do know what does it mean. Often, people choose Mollies to their fish tank as it gives beautiful and colourful look.

Betta Fish:

Otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta Fish is one of the most popular fish spices when it comes to fish tank. Who else resist adding Betta fish to their tanks? Well, this special species is most-loved by the aquarium lovers. It comes with attractive colours and with the characteristics of aggressiveness especially, the males. Not to mention, it is advisable to add them amid the similar ones. You may also give them their cosy-own tank along with plants. Love Betta? Then give them their space and it is easy-to-care species as well.


Yet another flamboyant variety of fish is Platies or Platy fish. Like Rainbowfish, Platies are peaceful and have a good rapport with other species. This is a proof that they are extremely social and feed on plant-based foods and proteins.

Neon Tetra:

Neon Tetra never goes old as it is tiny and easy-maintaining fish type. It is obviously a pick for beginners. It grows only up to 2.2 cm and a well-known calm species. This freshwater species is active when they are in groups as well. Comes in blue bodies and red stripe, you may go for it when your tank is embellished with rocks and plants. Because Neon Tetras love to hide.

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