10 Things To Pack While Your Are Planning For Trekking

High mountains and great views are favourite duo for many travel-lovers. However, trekking checklist for packing is essential as much as you are excited to trek.

Planning for trekking, already? What more reasons do we need than New Year which is fast approaching? Many of us will have camping or trekking as a part of our new year’s bucket list. Usually, high mountains and great views are favorites for many. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing, and finding out that you are missing something crucial. Well, that imagination seems a bit terrible. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here, we have listed some things to pack while you are planning a trek. Feel free to save this checklist for your future reference.

Trekking Checklist
Thermos/Water Bottle

Water bottles are among the most crucial items in your backpack. They are so crucial that most of us won’t forget to pack them. Still, it deserves the first spot on our checklist. Along with your water bottle, you can also carry a thermos to transport hot water. Your convenience will increase if you have at least two thermos or water bottles with you.

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Do carry some light snacks with you. Pack healthy munchies like nuts, dry fruits, and energy bars. Also, try to avoid foods that require cooking. Go for bread/buns and some healthy spreads. You can also carry some tea bags or energy drinks that will provide some instant energy.

Headlamp or LED Torch

Having a light source while trekking is crucial. This will allow you to see the right path and pitch the tent when the sun goes down. Especially, headlamps are preferable since they can be used hands-free. Also, they are small and easy to use.

Raincoats and Rain Cover

Do carry a raincoat in case of emergency. It is more ideal to carry a raincoat than an umbrella when it comes to trekking. This is also mandatory because we might not know the unpredictable weather up the mountains. Also, keep in mind that your backpack needs a rain cover too.


Pack your toiletries in a ziplock bag or leak-proof bag. Carry wipes, napkins, mouthwash, lip balm, and sanitizer. Furthermore, when it comes to skincare essentials try to pack two-in-one products like sunscreen with a moisturizer. Also, try to carry an additional cover to put waste items.


Have your own travel-friendly cutlery set. Pack some spoons, mugs, and small plates. Also, carry a small lunch/snack box to pack leftovers. Furthermore, avoid plastic spoons and other non-biodegradable stuff along your travel. Do not throw waste, instead carry them in a separate cover. Finally, don’t comprise on your hygiene and thus it is better to carry your own cutleries.

Medical Kit

A first aid kit is mandatory while going on a trip like this. Do carry paracetamol, vomistop (nausea tablet), and any other regular medicines that you have. Additionally, pack band-aids, volini spray, and a small cotton roll. You can also carry ORS for emergencies.

Trekking Pole

If your trek involves slippery rocks and streams to cross, then you must carry a hiking or trekking pole. These poles or sticks help you walk in a stable manner. Also, these are mandatory to use in rugged topographies. Thus make quick research about your destination before buying your trek poles.

Clothing and Footwears

Pack a few sets of comfortable clothes as per the climate of your destination. Preferably carry long-sleeved clothes and jackets. Also, remember to pack some towels and scarves along with them. Moreover, well-fitting trekking shoes are also a part of this checklist. Carry additional footwear if required and don’t forget some extra socks.


Carry your phone and camera (optional) at full charge. Make sure to have some extra batteries, a power bank, and memory cards.
How To Pack Your Backpack?

Start packing your backpack by placing the bulky items that you will need on a lesser frequency at the bottom. Thus, your sleep blankets and shoes go to the bottom. In the middle, pack some light weighted items like snacks and clothes. On the top, pack anything that you will need often like your water bottles. Your backpack might also have a number of side pockets and zipped compartments. Utilize it wisely by filling in cash and IDs.

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