5 Most Impressive Ways To Add Beetroots To Your Diet For Overall Health



Have the bowl of reddish-snacks of the colorful veggie and built your body well!

Make your kids fall for your food-magic healthily!

The heavenly beetroot has been the boon to the earthly beings as it has enormous health benefits associated with it. It has been superfood and helps in reducing blood pressure and increases blood flow. The nutrient-rich beetroot juice could help enhance athletic performance as per the studies. The beetroot is incorporated with nutrients and is essentially great in fiber, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Okay, many of us love to eat this reddish-veggie while others do not love to eat it. Well, you could prepare some delicious recipes which would be loved by adults as well as kids. However, your kids would never take their hands off from the dishes. Here are several recipes prepared with beetroot.

BEETROOT PARATHA RECIPE: Healthy and colorful beetroot paratha could be the best breakfast for your family but it is highly suggested for your kids which would make them infused with nutrients. You could serve it with chutney, dal, or any curry which your kids would love and ask for it. It could also be used as palatable wraps and rolls.

BEETROOT CHUTNEY: Beetroot chutney could be served as a spicy side dish that would make you want for it. The healthy ingredients would be made with beets, spices, dal, garlic, and herbs. The ingredients are highly good for your entire body’s health. This attractively-yummy beetroot chutney could be served as a side dish for Indian breakfasts such as dosa, Pongal, paratha or even with the rice.

BEETROOT CUTLET: Give your kids some healthy snacks! No kids would dislike this scrumptious loving beetroot cutlet. The ingredients you could add are mashed potatoes, beetroot in the form of fry or poriyal, salt, chilly powder, and coriander leaves and make the mixture into patties. Now, fry them in the oil and serve it to your children. They would never stop loving this mommy’s magical patties.

BEETROOT HALWA: Like beetroot cutlet, beetroot halwa would be the best snack for your kids and your family. They would move into it when they have it each time. It would serve as the best summer desserts of all time. This creamy, delicious, and a tummy-filling dessert could be the best snack for the kids. Sweet halwa is prepared by flour, semolina, lentils, nuts, or grated veggies. It could be the best Indian foods and it could be prepared with milk or without milk.

MOONG DAL BEETROOT STIR FRY: This is yummy simple, healthy, and luscious beetroot fry with moong dal. When you serve this for plain rice, chappati or roti. Though beetroot is less used in Indian cuisine, it has the number of health benefits which could be better when you have it in any form.

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