After All, What Is Nature Telling Us Through This Lock Down?


The Corona epidemic has taken not only our country but the entire world into its wrath. With this deadly disease spreading all over the world, everyone learned that there is only one way to stop it – “social distancing”. The whole country has to come to Lockdown, all people are accepting social distancing. This process, which has been going on for 21 days, has been extended for 19 days.

We know everyone is most interested in knowing what people are doing in their homes at this time. Every man is looking for some plans at home to spend his time. Some are cooking at home every day, others are taking care of cleanliness. Some are watching films which they did not get time to watch in their daily life. Not everyone was able to give so much time to their family in their daily working table, in this lockdown, family members are also able to know more about each other.

With the arrival of this pandemic, everyone has also come to know that in its own way nature has wanted to tell all the human beings that the time has come that every person should introspect. The way we are doing harm to all nature for our benefit, according to that, in the coming time, our PD may have to face a lot of difficulty. If we do not agree now, then nature itself will have to take care of it. Amidst this lockdown, the sky is clear and stars are also seen every day. Nature is bringing itself back to reality in its own way.

This pandemic has taught everyone a very important thing – cleanliness and cleanliness. How should we wash our hands every time we come home from outside, how can we avoid many diseases going on every day by applying mask. There are no two opinions left in this line that the health of the body and its cleanliness are any greater.

Where we all overcome by winning big battles, we will definitely come out soon after conquering the corona. But the real victory will be when the people who have formed good habits now continue to play them further. Take care of the health and hygiene of their environment and even after taking out a few weeks after the lock down opens, and very Get out of the house only if there are necessary reasons. Someone has rightly said, “If you have life, you are the world”.

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