CII-Young Indians & RCC DIVA Install ” SUGADHARAM “Touch Free Handwash System


CII-Young Indians in association with RCC Diva and the Greater Chennai Corporation launched “SUGADHARAM”, a Touch Free Hand Wash System today 2nd May. It was inaugurated at Tiruvanmiyur Market jointly by Actress Gowthami, and Mr Vardharajan, Executive Engineer, Adyar Zone GCC.

RCC Diva Foundation who sponsored this installation were represented by Manisha Pramod Chordia, Sangeetha Harish Marlecha, Nisha Bisani, Vikas Jain and the Project Team. From CII-Young Indians Aditya Roongta, Immediate Past Chair, Vishal Mehta, Chair, Krishna Nathani, Co-Chair, Chennai Chapter along with few other office bearers were present at the inauguration.

This Touch Free Hand Wash project has been initiated by this Young and Energetic Group to fight the covid-19 crisis.  The spread of the SAR-Cov2 virus or the corona virus happens via droplet transmission and hand touch human contact. On an average people touch their faces more than 16 times an hour. This is major concern dealing with the fight against corona virus. To prevent the spread through human contact one needs constantly wash their hands with soap. Soap has the capacity to kill the virus and frequent hand wash is one of effective solution to reduce the spread of the virus. This Touch free handwash helps people accessing public places to use these handwash where the user doesn’t come in contact with tap or the soap dispenser yet enable them to use the handwash with help of mechanical pedal that can be operated via leg press.  The project also bring awareness about the need for handwash. Regular handwash is a basic of hygeine and during these times, it’s a must to keep hands clean, hence the contactless handwash serves the purpose of hygeine and habit for all. Around 3000 people visit this market  on a daily basis.

Young Indians are committed to the fight against COVID-19 and are working on several relief work and innovative projects to fight the virus.

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