Ficci Flo presents “Creating Compassionate Youth Leaders”


Ficci Flo presents ‘Creating Compassionate Youth Leaders”, a conversation with Sriram Aiyer, Maya Thiagarajan, and Mahima Poddar on 9th November

FICCI FLO Chennai presents a conversation on “Creating Compassionate Youth Leaders” on 9th November 2020. The conversation is set to discuss if dynamic, ambitious, and driven success is adequate for our next-gen, in present times and if so, what role do compassion and empathy play in developing them into leaders with entrepreneurial qualities and what can we do to imbibe these values in them. The conversation will be led by three experts who walk the talk in their respective fields – Sriram Aiyer of Nalandaway Foundation, Maya Thiagarajan of TREE, and Mahima Poddar of The Kindness Foundation.

DATE: 9th November 2020, Monday

TIME: 6:30 p.m.

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