Pink Tech Design Appoints Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan as Head of AI and Data Sciences


Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan joins from Alliance University, where he served as a professor with a mandate to teach data science, management science, and biological science for engineering and management students. He has been an interdisciplinary researcher and corporate professional as well.

Pink Tech Design today announced the appointment of Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan as head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. He will join the board that has industry experts like Dr. Kanav Kahol, a former professor at Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic USA, Dr. Priyamvada Tripathi, CEO, Pink Tech Design, making it a powerful, diverse and truly global combination. Pink Tech Design Pvt Ltd is working towards bringing AI and Data Sciences into medical practice in India. They are not only committed to using existing tools but innovating and inventing for India.

As the head of AI and Data Sciences, Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan comes with hands-on experience of more than 13 years, working with some of the most renowned organizations in India and the world. He will play an integral role in developing and strengthening our AI application development team.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Kanav Kahol, said, “All these years, we have dedicatedly invested in distinctive capabilities in acquisitions. Today I am delighted to welcome an industry stalwart in Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan to lead AI & Data Sciences, that will further help us strengthen our capabilities. His industry knowledge coupled with AI expertise will help us drive the next phase of sustainable growth for while remaining true to our core mission.

Sharing his thoughts, Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan, said, “It’s my pleasure to join with an innovation focused company, fostering development and usage of advanced technologies like AI for the betterment of humanity….”

Dr. Sundaramurthy Pandurangan is a mathematician by training earned his Ph.D. from the

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee ( I I T Roorkee). Prior to his current position, he has served as a professor at the Alliance University, made a unique contribution to teaching data science (machine learning algorithms), management science (operations research) and biological science (human anatomy and physiology for engineers) in the same semester.

He had his first round of corporate experience with Pvt. Ltd., a software

product development company. Served as a molecular biomarker data specialist, contributed to the design and development of a software product Xbiom Insights, which was first (2018) of its kind for the clinical research industry.

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