5 Delicious Snacks For A Rainy Day

Monsoons are the perfect time to enjoy crunchy and crispy snacks. When the weather becomes colder, our desires for delicious snacks also increase dramatically. A plate of hot and crispy snacks with coffee or tea is just bliss. It is also one of life’s simplest joys. Here, we give you some simple snack ideas to relish your rainy evenings.


Bhajis are traditional tea-time snacks that are perfect for a rainy evening. These are nothing but Indian fritters. These tasty bhajis can be made with any vegetable like raw banana, onions, potato, or even corn. These vegetables are coated in a typical bhaji batter consisting of gram flour, chilli powder, and rice flour and then fried in hot oil. The bhajis are soft inside and crispy outside and are perfect enough to lift your mood instantly. Also, don’t forget to pair it up with coconut or mint chutney.

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One of the most popular snacks during rainy days is onion pakoda or pakora. This snack is simple to prepare and is a great choice for a rainy day. Just mix sliced onions, green chilli, ginger, and curry leaves with bhaji mix and fry them in hot oil. This crispy golden delight is just the perfect monsoon snack.

Potato Chaat

Looking for a snack without bhaji batter? Here comes our chaat hero – Potato/Aloo Chaat. It is a popular Indian street food called made from potatoes, sev, sweet-and-sour chutneys, and coriander leaves. Just fry your boiled potatoes and mix them with some spice powder, tangy tamarind chutney, and spicy green chutney. Garnish the chaat with coriander leaves, lemon, as well as sev. You can also garnish it with pomegranates.

Railway Cutlet

Another underrated monsoon snack is the Railway cutlet. Also, this might take a longer preparation time that the other snacks. For this, just add chopped beetroot, peas, carrot, beans, green chillis, and ginger and cook them well. Add your spice mixture, salt, and mashed potatoes. Now mould them into cutlets and coat them in breadcrumbs. Fry these cutlets in hot oil and serve with tomato or green chutney. This yummy snack is worth your time.

Chilli Cheese Toast

This can also be your perfect monsoon breakfast. For this, make a mixture of butter, cheese, green chillis, coriander, and garlic. Now, toast one side of the bread and add the above mixture to the toasted side. Then, heat the pan and toast the other side so that the cheese melts. Finally, your yummy and simple chilli cheese toast is ready.

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