Food Hacks from Social Media Platforms to add spice to Your Cooking Routine

Scrolling for hours on Social Media Platforms, has definitely proven to be useful given that we have identified some handy cooking hacks on this questionably time-consuming creative platform. Hacks are anything that makes our life a little bit easier, and without doubt, the following hacks not only make life easier but they also satisfy abrupt hunger pangs and cravings in the most time and cost-effective ways! Here are some of the food hacks from social media platforms that will definitely be helpful.

The tortilla hack- It’s time to taco’ bout it


All you’d need for this hack are four ingredients that you want in your wrap and place them all separately in each quadrant of the tortilla. Once placed, slit down the centre, fold it up, and then put it on a hot pan, especially if cheese is one of your chosen ingredients to get that melty, gooey goodness. The best part about this hack is that it is easily customizable!

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Treat yourself with Oreo fudge!

This three-ingredient hack is sure to save you some money. Combine condensed milk and some melted white chocolate in a skillet. After that, make it rain with some crushed Oreos, and be generous! Transfer the mixture to any baking dish on hand and refrigerate it until it cools. Top it with some extra crushed Oreos or maybe even strawberries if you feel extra fancy!

Save yourself an expensive café run!

The next time you’re craving matcha affogato or just want to make some fancy café style drink for your friend or date, just mix matcha powder and sugar in equal parts in boiling water. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to a glass and pour the matcha mix over it, and you have a creamy drink ready!

Grilled Cheese minus the grill

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel before while trying to save up some extra cash during travel, we’re sure that you would’ve come across this technique of using an iron. Place a cheese sandwich between two clean paper towels and press a clean hot iron on both sides to get it all toasty.

Dry- Ice Cream

Dry- Ice Cream

It is understandable if you don’t have dry ice lying around at home because not everyone’s got a MasterChef pantry. But if you want to save time while trying to look like a crazy scientist, crush some dry ice and add it to a bowl, after which you just have to whisk it intensively. You might as well get your arm workout done if you’ve decided to eat ice cream!

Multipurpose your kettle

A kettle is one of the most essential kitchen appliances any person owns. But this efficient tool is not just used to boil water and can also help you make some quick meals. A packet of ramen can easily be made in a kettle with the right amount of water, depending on the kettle’s capacity. If you’re patient, you might also learn how to make rice in your kettle!

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