Like its captivating places and different cultures, the rich and varied cuisine served in different parts of South India has made it an important reason to drag people here. The old traditions and recipes made South India be most loved by people all over the world. Right from vegetarian varieties to mouth-watering seafood items, South India has been incorporated with everything along sprinkled with some unique touch of taste that your tummy and taste buds desire to satiate your soul. So, whenever you wish to go down to the South of India, you could experience some
famous and traditional dishes which could leave you in the land of delicacy foods. Now, let’s check out some traditional dishes which you never miss in the downtown of India.
When it comes to Tamil Nadu, foods are connected to celebrations and festivals. On this basis, Pongal has been one of the oldest Tamil festivals which has been celebrated by preparing the traditional dish of sweet Pongal and enjoy it
throughout the day. The vibe it brings would be irreplaceable as it is a highly ritualistic one here in Tamil Nadu. It has been traditionally prepared with the ingredients such as jaggery, rice, lentils, and ghee. So, when you are moving down, consume it and do not regret later missing this delicious sweet Pongal as it has millions of fans.
Yet another South Indian recipe that tempts our taste buds is Kuzhi Paniyaaram. Known to be the simplest and easiest dish of South Indian cuisine, Kuzhi Paniyaaram is prepared with regular idli or dosa batter along with added sweet or spice. It has been served as both a spicy starter and a sweet dish. Kuzhi Paniyaaram is otherwise known as Paddu in Kannada and Gunta Ponganalu in Telugu. However, the particular name Kuzhi in Tamil is actually referred to the unique hollow mold in which it has been cooked. So, you should grab this one whenever you move down.
Who else would ignore those temptingly tasty bowls of Bisi Bele Bhaat once they have tasted it? Well, the unique and flavorsome dish of Karnataka would make you fall in love with it. It is prepared using rice and dal and then cooked together with various veggies. Even though the preparation looks similar to Khichdi, the real essence of Bisi
Bele Bhaat is in its masala and ghee which bring out its distinctive flavor and taste. So, never miss a bowl of Bisi Bele Bhaat when you are here in Karnataka.
Since it has been a staple food in different parts of South India, Puttu is a Keralite dish that is prepared using ground rice and coconut mixed with spices and you must know what makes it distinctive is that its presentation. However, the taste varies from region to region. When it comes to serving a Puttu on a plate, it is known to be a difficult part as it should be placed without breaking or collapsing. As it serves to be every day’s delight in Kerala, it stands out to be the best and different than that prepared in different parts. Even this special Keralite dish is made in Sri Lanka as well. So, Puttu is worth going for!
It is well-known that Biryani is extremely popular all over India but Hyderabadi Biryani is something more than you think. This tempting traditional dish of Hyderabad has a rich history as it goes back to the Nawabs’ reign. The
preparation of this biryani needs ingredients such as basmati rice, meat chunks, and spices. Howbeit, The unique taste of the dish is its considerate sweetness. Well, never leave the city without tasting its traditional and popular dish.
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