Seeking rejuvenating and cooling drinks is all due to the hot summer days. When it comes to combat the temperature of the temperature during summers, you might have to grab some perfect classic alcoholic drinks that are actually good in taste. It might be the start of the day to infuse some stimulating energy or the end of the day as it would eliminate exhaustion. If you wish to try some summer-friendly alcoholic drinks, then here is a list below that would help you out.
This drink is available in the blue bottle which is labeled as one of the best alcoholic drinks. The beauty of the bluish bottle would almost captivate your eyes and makes you want for it. Be it casual or formal occasions, Antiquity would be the perfect one to go.
Watermelon is already the best buddy for the summer as it would make you hydrated and stay cool. However, this perfect alcoholic drink could be prepared at home with the ingredients such as seltzer water, vodka, and a slice of lime peel, one teaspoon of syrup, crushed ice cubes, three to five watermelon wedge, and seeded watermelon. Now that you have all the ingredients, you just have to take a cocktail shaker and rumple the lime peel along with watermelon. Then, pour the required amount of vodka along with the syrup and crushed ice cubes. Now, you gotta shake them all. As of now, take a highball glass with ice and strain the concoction into it and along with the topping of seltzer water. So, what about the watermelon wedge? Well, you use it for garnishing and you are done with the perfect summer drink. Have a sip and enjoy the summer!
Commonly known as OC, Officer’s choice is one of the best-selling Indian whiskeys and perfect alcoholic drinks as well. The rick and smooth taste of the drink make it most people’s favorite, especially during the summers.
Being the best alcoholic drink available in India, Four Seasons Wine is could be the perfect drink for ladies. Since the wines are prepared from grapes that grow in Maharashtra come with different types of wines such as red, white, and rose. This could also be the best choice for any formal occasion.
Known to be the best alcoholic party drink, Sula wine could be the perfect choice for ladies as well. It would also come with great kinds of wines including white, red, and rose. So, why not try it as the summer refreshment drink?
Like Watermelon Vodka Cocktail, this best alcoholic drink could be prepared at home. So, you gotta check with the ingredients such as fresh blackberries, crushed ice cubes, ginger beer, and lime wedges. You have to pick a cocktail mixer and rumple five blackberries and one lime wedge by adding them into it to prepare it. Now, you could add the fusion of crushed ice cubes and vodka and shake it well. Then, add ginger beer to the mixture and stir it. Now, use the extra blackberries and lime wedge to garnish. As of now, you could enjoy the best alcoholic drinks this summer.

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