Let us go Fruitty and Nutty. The hot blazing sun rays could enter your home through the opened windows and doors to shower you with some love.  However, there might be some uncertain changes in the climate. You might be hankering for snacks to release some happy hormones. Imagine, if the snack you are craving could be the healthiest and tastiest as well. So, why don’t you go for the toothsome fruit and nut chocolates? So, note down the ingredients – a cup of milk, dark chocolates, raisins, cashews and chopped walnuts (required amount), and honey. Well, you could not wait to have the delicious homemade chocolates, right? So, let’s read on to know the preparation method of this  summerlicious fruit and nut chocolates.
Steps to prepare:
1. Melt down the dark chocolates in the double-boiled milk and let them cool down.
2. Now, add the raisins and nuts to the honey and mix them well.
3. Meanwhile, prepare some melted chocolate and keep it aside.
4. You could either use mould or ice trays and fills them up with milk chocolate mix.
5. So then, refrigerate the mix and later add the fruit and nut mix along with the melted chocolate and slather it well.
6. Refrigerate for a few minutes or might be for 5 minutes and take out to have a cool summer bite.
The blend of milk, honey, raisins, and dark chocolates are highly beneficial for your body since they are loaded with rich nutrients. The nutritional content of each ingredient could be familiar for you all, so there is no need to describe them intensely. Serve it as a dessert right after your meals or dinner or you could even have some bite as pre-workout food which could offer you energy.

NOTE: Make sure to cool down the chocolate for a few minutes after taking it out from the

fridge. This is due to the coolness could not be good for the kids and even for you.

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