Top 5 Vodka Flavours to Relish the Maximum Pleasure

Some may have a toast with KF or Bacardi whereas some may grab the powerful shots of Vodka. Fun and Vodka are not two different things as they come together. Be it a minimal house party or grand celebration, Vodka is worth a shot. The flavoursome shots make your body move to the rhythms and surprises your taste buds in varieties of flavours. Either orange or grapefruit, you can relish the pleasure of vodka to the fullest. So, we have lined up some top 5 vodka flavours to relish the maximum pleasure. Check out the following top 5 vodka flavours to relish the maximum pleasure.


Absolutely, the top-class brands offer an amazing orange touch to your drink. Be it Absolut Mandarin or Smirnoff, they provide the best orange party punch ever. This is the flavour you can relish any time of the year, regardless of the weather. It will be better if you pair it well to amuse yourself.

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Seemingly, cranberry is the most loved flavour when it comes to Bacardi Breezer. Will it be the same for vodka? Perhaps, people are fond of berries and it includes cranberries as well. When cranberry does come in any form, just give a toast without many thoughts. Ranging from Magical Moments to Eristoff, they infuse the best cranberry flow throughout your body.


Believe it or not, there is a certain connection between lemon and mankind. The easily available and immediate-popping fruit proffers instant refreshment. Every time, it’s going to be the lemon – the flavour that remains refreshing in people’s minds. Just because it is a common flavour, it cannot be neglected just like that. Relish the lemon pleasure!


The pure taste of green apple drink can never be missed in your lifetime. The perfect party flavour that has to be included in your carousing list. The wild party is immeasurable when it imbues the spirit of green apple fruit. As apple is a frequently tossed fruit, green apple bestows a quirky party vibe.


Last but not the least, grapefruit is the ultimate flavour. The true and honest flavour of any drink that sets your party or celebration mood. Your drink can never disappoint you when given a real grapefruit press.

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