Try Your Hands on Preparing Toothsome Mango Milk Fudge

Like delish chocolate fudge, Mango Milk Fudge is one of the most delectable desserts you could ever taste post-meal. Being the King’s of the fruit, Mangoes could be yummy whenever you toss some pieces into your mouth, regardless of their form. Who else would ditch the idea of getting lost into the yellow world of luscious mangoes? Well, why not try your hand at preparing toothsome mango milk fudge? Bet you, you would definitely fall for these tiny pieces of mango love. It could be prepared with only four ingredients and brighten up your weekend.

Having a bite from these tiny pieces of Mango Milk Fudge would meltdown to your tummy thereby bestowing the satiation you need. It would never take much of your time but serves the best dessert snack. All you have to do is to try your hands on preparing toothsome Mango Milk Fudge. Continue reading to know how to prepare the mango deliciousness.


Required amount (as per the number of people) of mango pulp, milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder, and crushed and chopped almonds and pistachio to decorate.


Firstly, you have to place the pan and add the required amount of Mango pulp, milk powder, cardamom powder, and sugar to it. Cook the mixture for about 20 minutes on a medium flame. Later, take it off from the heat, and then the mango and milk leaves and amalgamates in the middle. Now, use any glass container placed with butter paper or baking paper and replace the mango milk mixture evenly. So, sprinkle some chopped and crushed almonds and pistachios along with cardamom powder over the fudge mixture. What’s next? Refrigerate it for about two to three hours so that you could get out the delicious fudge. Slice it down into small pieces and serve it chilled as a post-meal dessert delight. Ensure to keep it refrigerated if you have remaining pieces as it would be the best.


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