4 Ways to Combat Menstrual Cramps During the Summers

The cramps caused due to menstrual cycle are extremely cruel to some whereas some would go through the periods without any cramps. This depends on the body of an individual. While there are various and traditional ways to ease menstrual cramps, it would not be the same when it comes to summer. For instance, you could not use the heating pad while the sun is extreme. The symptoms of the menstrual cycle might seem to suppress you but still, you could fight it back in simple ways. So, let’s check out the following 4 ways to combat menstrual cramps during the summers.


As dehydration is an underlying cause of several health conditions, hydration would be the simple and best way to prevent the risk of health issues. So, staying hydrated during the periods would help you during menstruation especially in the summers. This would thus be beneficial in eliminating the headache and cools down your body in the summers. So, ensure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


The cardio exercises would be great for better blood flow as to where the place is focused. This is because of the endorphins being released during the cardio exercises, which is known to be the natural pain killer. However, you could enjoy doing cardio during menstruating could help you fight the cramps and so choose to do it indoors. Since endorphins act as a natural pain killer, they would be released when you indulge in gentle exercises and yoga. This would act as a mood changer as well.

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You should always realize that what you eating would have an impact on your health. Especially, you should avoid foods that result in bloating during the periods. So, add foods such as peas, beans, lentils, broccoli, and kale and avoid foods such as sodium and rich foods, dairy products, and whole grains. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory-rich ginger would be great during this time of the month. Being a traditional home remedy, ginger could do its better for battling cramps, especially during the summers.


Hitting your bed while you are actually menstruating is a great relaxation for you. Have enough sleep and make sure you woke up rejuvenated. It would make you stay activated and feel better as well. So, do not ignore your beauty rest. Well, Make sure to follow the above-mentioned 4 ways to combat menstrual cramps during the summers.

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