5 Super Metal Containers to Drink Water from

Drinking water is essential in our everyday life. It is also important to know about the metal containers or vessels you drink water from. Since drinking enough water would keep you hydrated and prevent certain chronic diseases, there are certain metals to drink water from as they would increase the health of your body in several ways. While you know copper and silver vessels are incorporated with effective benefits, other metals could contribute their essential benefits for your body. So, let’s check out the following 5 super metal containers to drink water from.


The presence of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant properties in copper metal could do its best in several health conditions. Drinking water from copper bottles would enhance the immune power of the body and averts diseases including cancer, hypertension, anemia, digestion issues, cardiovascular diseases, and even aids in weight loss.


A silver metal consists of antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which are essential for the body’s development. So, drinking water from silver containers would help guard your body against respiratory diseases, common cold, and gastritis. It would improve the immunity of the body as well.

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The cooling properties and alkaline effect of the earthen pot would detoxify your body and removes the toxins from it. As a natural purifier, drinking water from an earthen pot would also prevent sunstroke, and kick-start the metabolism of the body. Moreover, it would prevent cough, cold, and asthma.


Brass is nothing but an alloy of copper which is infused with several essential properties including antioxidants. So, drinking water from brass storage vessels could increase the ability of your body’s defence mechanism in combating free radicals. Thus, it would be arresting the risks of various health conditions.


Since aluminium has thrice the recycled content when compared to any other containers, it would be great for both mankind and environmental health. Being shock-resistant and deformation-resistant, aluminium water bottles are highly beneficial in guarding the water against the light. Further, the holding nature of the aluminium bottles would make the hot liquid stay hot and the cold liquid cold for a longer time. So, these are the 5 super metal containers to drink water from.

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