6 Ways to Shed Diwali Calories

With the joy, Diwali also adds some weight on your body.

Thought of shedding Diwali calories? Along with joy, Diwali also contributes significantly to weight gain. After Diwali, all of our clothes start to fit a little snugly, and the reflection in the mirror isn’t very attractive because the healthy, radiant you are hidden by a stack of fat as well as oily skin. For those who are concerned about their health, maintaining their diet and monitoring their calorie intake becomes very challenging. Therefore, the top priority following Diwali should be to lose the extra weight that has been accumulated. So, one begins to look up answers to questions like “What diet should I follow after Diwali?” or “How to detox or lose weight after Diwali,” etc. on the internet. Sounds like you? Continue reading to learn how to burn off those Diwali calories.

How to shed those extra Diwali calories?
Eat more greens

You must eat foods that promote detoxification if you want to cleanse your body after the festivities. Green vegetables, whole foods, and fruits like grapes, oranges, melons, bananas, as well as apples are among them. Superfoods like artichokes, red and green chillies, spinach, celery, and tomatoes are also included. You would have produced a lot of inflammatory chemicals in your body if you had consumed too many sweets. Sprinkle some cinnamon, ginger, and garlic on your food to help them disintegrate.

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Start a diet high in protein and low in calories

After indulging in a glut of desserts and snacks throughout Diwali, return to your low-carb eating plan and up the protein in your foods by including things like eggs, soymilk, etc. in your diet plan. Make an effort to eat a breakfast high in protein each day. You will remain full for at least the next three hours if you do this. To help you feel fuller for longer, add a few wholesome, low-calorie fruits to your diet.

Don’t consume sugar for a while

Since you probably already ate a good proportion of sweets during Diwali, this task shouldn’t be too challenging for you to complete. But keep in mind that tea and coffee are also subject to the no-sugar rule. Soft drinks also contain (fairly high levels of) sugar, so avoiding them entirely for a while would be beneficial. To help your body detoxify, try to avoid consuming heavy solids while it is already trying to deal with the extra sugar from Diwali. Instead, drink plain liquids. To cleanse your stomach in the morning, sip a glass of warm water right away after waking up. Since natural sugar is healthier for your body than processed sugar, eating fruit shouldn’t be harmful to you.

Eat smaller portions and avoid long periods between meals

Do not believe the myths that starving yourself will cause you to lose weight or that eating less will speed up your weight loss. Aim to eat smaller portions frequently throughout the day, avoiding long gaps between meals. Large intervals between meals have the tendency to mess with your biological clock. The delay in your meal timing will result in an inefficient process of enzyme secretion for absorption and digestion during the gap period. Even though it might not aid in weight loss, this may ultimately contribute to you gaining weight.

Consume plenty of curds and stay hydrated

After Diwali, you should eat a bowl of curd if you’re planning a full body cleanse. A Harvard study found a link between yoghurt consumption and lower body weight. Yoghurt speeds up food digestion because it contains probiotics, which give your digestive system healthy bacteria. Make sure to consume enough water to wash away the toxic overload.

Regular exercise is essential

You could burn off the extra calories you gained over Diwali quickly with a daily 30- to 45-minute workout routine that includes exercises of moderate intensity. In order to lose weight quickly, you could also choose to engage in activities like dancing, swimming, aerobics, Zumba, cycling, as well as skipping.

Following the post-Diwali phase, it’s time to detox from the excess food and activity of the holiday. In addition to adopting an entirely healthier lifestyle, one can unwind by visiting a spa, going for a stroll in the park, or listening to music. To lose weight after overindulging during Diwali, keep in mind that exercise and a healthy diet are essential. For a healthier and more fit start to the new year, adhere to the advice above and shed those extra Diwali calories in a healthy way.

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