The summer sunshine is pleasant when it rises in the morning and even when it sets in the
evening. Have you ever wondered why people are often overwhelmed with a scene of organic
yellow scene of the sun? Or what makes it so beautiful and gorgeous? Well, the rays slather on
the bluish sky of white clouds and the birds flying all over as if the sky is their Kingdom to rule
where there is no Emperor but each bird is one could make it worth. This is why birds are free as
each one rules it by singing and flying high in freedom. Well, we have literature where great
poets wrote about Nightingale and Raven and even Mockingbird.
The exhilarating sounds of birds seem extremely soothing when you spend watching and
listening to them in the early morning or the evening. Sometimes, you miss realizing how
beautiful your surrounding is, that even paying attention to the chirping of birds could do a lot
for your mind than you think. So, let’s talk about the benefits you could be infusing by listening
to the song of the birds as each has its unique chorus, verse, and tone.
STIMULATES FOCUS: The song of birds could not only be easing but also has an impact on an
individual cognitively. Since most people are working from home now due to the lockdown, they
could simply spend some evening outside the garden with their laptops or to the terrace or just
chill and relax as they could stay focused for the rest of their work if they listen to the birds in
the morning. Commonly, people would tend to be distracted by the noises of the surroundings.
But when they listen to the birds sing, it would promote focusing capability and less tired as
well. Remember, it is the sound of the cock that makes you awake in the rural areas and it has
been inculcated for years.
THE FLOW OF ENERGY IS REAL: You all might have noticed how awakening the sounds of
the birds are. The blissful and elating scenes of it could only be experienced in the form of
energy flowing throughout your body. The random sounds of birds could make you more alert
and active by erasing the tiredness. So, you really gotta move outside or head to your terrace to
listen to your little friends singing as they could de-stress your mind.
OFFERS RELAXATION: The aura, the chirping of birds, creates around you is what makes
your stress being suppressed naturally. Either the calmness of early morning or the cooling
breeze of the evening could blend well with the sounds of the bird by progressing your mind
towards relaxation. This is a need of an hour as people are stuck in the phase of lockdown and
carrying the burden of work on their shoulders.
ENHANCES THE OBSERVATION SKILL: By listening to the sounds of birds, you are
actually doing a favor for yourself by increasing the observation skills. Since birds could move
or fly faster from your sight, you could use your auditory senses to listen to their chirping. This
could help humans to pay more attention to the speaker in a meeting or discussion.
DRAWS CLOSE TO NATURE: Whatever it takes, people would be drawn to nature at the end.
When you pay heed to the songs of the birds amidst the soul-soothing serenity, you would be
growing close to nature every day. The connection of your soul to nature is created sturdily.

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