How to Support Your Mental Health If You Think You are Struggling

Mental health differs according to the person just like physical health. Just because something works for someone doesn’t mean it should work for you. If you are struggling with maintaining your mental health, here are some things you can do to support yourself and maybe get better.

Create a personal list and try to take some time for it

Sometimes it is important to have something personal just for yourself that you can follow, and do whatever you want with it. If you think you are slowly drifting apart from everything you used to love, make a list of them. Write down or note down all the things you used to love and remember the times you used to love them.

It can be anything you love like cooking, painting, hanging out with your friends etc. Try to get back into the habit of doing them again but take it slowly. If you are worried you are not enjoying it like you used to, you shouldn’t. It is all about trying and taking small steps. So you shouldn’t worry about the result at the start.

Take care of your body

Struggling with mental health can often get us into a position of not being able to take care of our body. If you are in this stage, just remember that you can always get back. To become better mentally, you have to become better physically too. So if you are ready to take the step and really want to know how to support your mental health, start taking care of your body.

Eat your favourite meal, go to a spot you have always felt happy and in peace, get yourself up and do some exercises. It helps in the long run.

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Take a break from using digital devices

Switch off the smartphone, laptops and all the digital devices you always have to hold on to. As much as they are useful, they don’t have to be with you all the time. If you have reached a point where you get anxious when you are not around your phone, you need a break. So take it.

You don’t have to stop using those lifestyle based devices like kitchen electronics and such. Just stop using smart devices like phones, laptops etc to give yourself the break you need.

Try to see if there’s a pattern

Some people’s mental health gets affected by something that happens often but they may not notice it. Try to look if there is a pattern whenever your mental health gets worse. For example, if it gets worse right after working too much, talking with a certain someone, it is time to stop doing those things.

Always permit yourself to not do the things you think will only make your mental health worse. That way, you can at least try and prevent it.

Bottom line, supporting and improving mental health differs for every person. So don’t be afraid to explore yourself because what you find at the end may be a solution.\

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