Impacts of Using Mobile phones in Bed: Drop It!

Sleep is the most essential one in our day-to-day life. When it comes to using mobile phones late at night, it will pave the path to sleep-deprives and exhaustion. You could have come across so many people waiting to buy sleeping pills at the medical shop because of the sleeplessness at night. A vague idea has been instilled in the minds about using their phones before bed affects their sleep. Yet it is only an obscure idea, not a crystal clear one though. And it’s time to change your habit which is a serious thing to be followed up on. Here are the reasons why you should stop using your mobile phone for an hour or two hours before bed.

Do Not Mess Up the Circadian Rhythm:

Circadian Rhythm

When you read using your mobile phone or if you are an E-reader, it will take almost 10 minutes longer or more to fall asleep compared to the readers who are reading a normal print book. So try reading a real printed book at night instead of watching television or Netflix, thereby you will witness how drowsy you feel and how much more quickly you fall asleep.

Have you heard of a circadian rhythm? Our body functions as per the circadian rhythm. It is said that your metabolism, mood, appetite for sweet or junky foods and the risk of diabetes develops when your sleep destroys due to the use of mobile phones. The blue type of light from phones and screens will almost confuse your brain and mess up the circadian rhythm.

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Reduces the Production of Melatonin:

Melatonin, a hormone plays a vital role in maintaining a proper circadian rhythm and also promotes sleep. It also helps in protecting the health of your brain as you get old. But when the light emitted from the phone screens, shining directly in your eyes will suppress the production of this particular hormone in the evening. Just stay away from the blue light at night.

So are you thinking that lying in bed and reading or scrolling on your phone is relaxing? This is completely wrong to do because it helps to feel more alert, less sleepy and more likely you will delay in sleeping. Instead, it is so awesome when you read a book in bed and it’s even better when you slowly close your eyes while reading your book. So, Just move away from all electronic devices and pick up the books and get better sleep.

Interrupts the REM Sleep:

Using mobile phones late at night will reduce your REM sleep, which is a stage of sleep that is crucial for the restoration of your mind and body. REM sleep congeals the memories and is tied up with creative and problem-solving skills. And if you do not get enough of it, it will leave you feeling groggy and leads to difficulty concentrating the very next day.

So, when you stay awake overnight looking at the screens will make you groggy and somnolent the very next day. Instead, you can go with printed formats of the book which will pave the way to better sleep at night. Just stay away from your gadgets while you are on your bed. Have a goodnight’s sleep!

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