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Hello Men! Top 6 Sensitive Hottest Parts of Woman’s Body Revealed For You

Hello Men! Top 6 Sensitive Hottest Parts of Woman’s Body Revealed For You

Hottest Erogenous Zones For Women

Girls! You might categorize certain parts of your body as an erogenous one but it is not.

Here are certain surprising parts of your body that make you mysteriously aroused.

Having a steamy experience with your partner is what makes your bond stronger than ever. But when it comes to sex, you might know what makes a girl go wild with the magical touches. When it comes to stimulating touches, you have to know about the erogenous zones of women. Well, most of you might know the sensitive zones of the women in general but you gotta know about the most sensuous parts of the women. However, there are parts that you do not know how extremely sensitive they are! So, if you wanna experience the heightened experience in the bed, you have to explore the following sensitive parts of the women.

BACK OF THE NECK: The person who feels ticklish at the back of the neck would definitely know how it works. This is because the nape of your neck has several nerve-endings which make you and your partner would go wild and crazy in the bed. Stimulating your partner is what makes your steamy time of togetherness worthy for sure.

INNER THIGHS: You might have heard about how mysteriously you are aroused when you are playing with your partner’s inner thighs. You never have an idea of how super-sensitive a woman’s inner thighs are. You gotta check out the wonderful heightened feel when you experience the teasing of your partner.

EARS: Wanna be kinky in bed with your partner? You do know that your ears are one of the erogenous parts of your body. But do you really know what makes it more erotic? Well, it is because of the presence of several numbers of sensory receptors. Spike up your bedtime with your partner to get the most out of the teasingly satisfying sex. Well, gentle kissing and teasing would drive a woman crazy in the bed and helps to achieve orgasm.

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STOMACH: Your stomach is also known to be an erotic part of the body. But there is a particular part of the stomach that is less recognized as an erogenous zone. The part between the belly button and the pelvis is more sensitive than you could think it is. Further, the lower part of the stomach or the abdomen makes you heated up and rises your blood flow due to the arousal you experience.

ARMPITS: Surprisingly, armpits are the sexiest part of your body. You do know that armpits are more ticklish than any other part of your body. It exhibits you how super-sensitive your armpits are! How could it not be sensitive when it is hella ticklish? The way of tickling eventually brings in the sexual arousal. And that’s how it becomes the erogenous part of the body.

HANDS:  What’s there sensuous in a woman’s hands? Well, your hands are highly sensual than you think it is. The whole of your hand including your fingers arouses you sexually when your partner touches you or teases you. Thus, hands are one of the important sex organs it seems.

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