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International Day of Happiness 2020 Theme: “Happiness For All, Forever”

International Day of Happiness 2020 Theme: “Happiness For All, Forever”

THEMES OF INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS: United Nations would also select themes for the yearly celebration of the day which would help to realize the value of happiness and well-being.

This particular day would be celebrated and promoted with the selected central theme of the year. However, the day has been agreed upon and celebrated with the acceptance of the global coalition of 193 United Nations member states.

Every one of us wants to be happy in their life and so the day marks with sharing happiness within your community to bring a smile. If only the nation is happy, it would be more growing economically and socially. The importance of theme is what makes the day the more colorful and responsible for the upcoming days.

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The theme for 2018 was to “Share Happiness – focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other. ” The theme for last year (2019) was “Happier Together – Focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.” And the theme for the present year 2020 is “Happiness For All, Forever” which is to spread happiness to the whole human family on the planet.

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