5 Latest Cupboard Designs to Inspire You

Your wardrobe is definitely a priority when you are designing your home. We all want a spacious, well-organised, and stylish cupboard design that lights up our bedroom. It is a space that you frequent multiple times every day and deserves attention in design.

Your cupboard design must be as stylish as the clothing collection it holds. With Livspace you can select the cupboard design curated perfectly according to your personal needs.

No matter how big or small your home is, you can never have enough wardrobes and storage. Livspace has modular wardrobes that are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes—to suit your tastes and budget.

Here are the 5 latest cupboard designs to inspire you.

Luxurious Style

This design is perfect for you if you love everything fancy. If you have a large house with space you can use, this luxurious wardrobe design for your bedroom will look impeccable. It looks luxurious and will fulfil all your wardrobe needs.

This is a walk-in closet that will look grand as well as sophisticated. The cupboard design has been kept classy and minimal with a lot of storage area. This cupboard design can be left open with a curtain for a partition from the bedroom.

Doors can also be installed according to your wants and the space for wardrobe design in your bedroom. The doors can be sliding or double doors, etc. A full-length mirror can also be installed along with warm lighting and a stylish bench for your personal design heaven.

All White Wardrobe

This modern cupboard design is becoming increasingly popular today because it looks chic and elegant at the same time. This is a design that looks perfect in all spaces, whether you have a small space or a large area for your wardrobe.

You can compartmentalize according to your clothes, and all the colours of your clothes will shine through the white background. The glamour of this cupboard is incomparable to any other. If you are looking to liven up your wardrobe space this is the best way to go.

Wooden Look

Having a wooden cupboard design is fairly common and people think it is outdated. However, the truth is the complete opposite, the wooden cupboard design is a classic that will never go out of style.

This wooden look will give a vintage feel to your wardrobe design for the bedroom. You can go for a rustic look with a darker shade of wood and black accents or if you want to go for a more modern wooden look that can also be executed beautifully.

For a modern look, you can incorporate sleek lines, glass cabinets, and metal accents. This would be the perfect blend of the classic and the contemporary, giving your cupboard design a rich look.

Compact Cupboard

Many of us have limited space for our wardrobe, which means that the cupboard design needs to be sleek and tasteful. For maximizing the limited space you can incorporate shelves, coat hangers, and closed drawers to make the design stand out.

With a compact cupboard design, it is essential to make use of the full height of the space. This can be done by extending the cupboard to the ceiling. Apart from this, adding a full-length mirror on the outside can also be a great idea to make the bedroom space appear bigger.

Colour Pop Design

Why not give your bedroom a pop of colour with your cupboard design? More often than not, while designing our wardrobe we stick to neutral shades of white, brown, etc. This works because it matches the tone of the bedroom.

However, it is time you stopped playing it safely and added some contrast to the room with your cupboard design. If your cupboard is small, opting for a funky colour like yellow, orange, or red could be a fantastic way to liven up the room.

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