8 Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids on Sunday

Friday is frequently viewed as a day for parties by many individuals. On the other hand, the joy of motherhood concurs with the desire to spend the long-awaited Friday evening at home with the children. This promotes the improvement of your connections with your children. We don’t get to spend too much time with our kids because of our busy lives and demanding schedules. We all look forward to quality time with our families and the kids throughout the weekend. Let’s look at some of the best ways to spend time with your child over the weekend in this article.

Best ways to spend time with your kids on Sundays:
Plan a Friday night full of fun

Make your child feel special by organising a chaotic, entertaining evening for him to look forward to when he returns from school with either a tired face or a heavy backpack. Have quite a face-painting activity while wearing an old pair of jammies for you and your children. Allow your kids to express themselves creatively by letting them colour your face; you might also let him paint your back or give himself a vibrant tattoo. Enjoy finger painting on paper as well as fabric painting on worn-out t-shirts as more options. This vibrant activity will make them very pleased, and all you need to do later is give them a bath. In order to avoid having to clean up as much later, be sure to put an old newspaper on the ground.

Make a date night for your children at home

This Friday is the ideal day to host your child’s friends around for a playdate if you intend to carry out a detailed cleanup of the place over the weekend. For the little guests’ enjoyment, there should be tubs of popcorn, perhaps fresh juice, and finger foods. You can joyfully clean the house while putting that “Be spotless” board, and they can simply get the baby hangover by having fun with their friends.

Make Cookies with Your Children

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your tiny chefs prepare a batch of chocolate chip cookies. This will be a wonderful exercise for strengthening your family bonds as well as benefiting your children by enhancing their motor abilities. Just picture your tiny chefs offering to help you knead the dough and mould it into various sizes and shapes. What a sweet thing! It also features chocolate, which will give your children a slurpy tongue.

Host a Karaoke Party

A karaoke night must unquestionably be planned into your weekend schedule if you frequently find your children pretending to be pop stars while performing in front of a mirror. Play all the various songs your kids can sing along to just by plugging in your karaoke machine. You’ll want to record these precious moments, so keep your phone close to reach. You can also use karaoke songs that can be found on many websites (like YouTube) if you don’t have a karaoke machine.

Go to a museum

As it will be an educational experience for them, taking your kids to a museum is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together. They might find going to museums on the weekends, or any day, uninteresting, so you could introduce them to attractions that are more to their taste. Take your children to a cultural institution if they enjoy music or an art museum if they enjoy painting. They may learn and have fun at the same time in this way.

Have some fun with bubbles or in the rain

Don’t pass up the opportunity to reminisce about your younger years with your children if it is raining. Turn on the steam, prepare the towel and hair dryer, and then take the kids outside to play in the natural world. What if it doesn’t rain or your child is susceptible to colds? Bubble play is a suitable replacement. Set up your weapons to make the area soapy, and this is just another game from your youth.

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Visit the Nearest Park and Have a Picnic

Whilst the winter sun is shining, this is the ideal time to go on a picnic. You could prepare some chocolate as well as peanut butter sandwiches, some drinks, and go on a wonderful picnic with your kids. This will be the ideal family activity on a Sunday evening. When planning a mini-tournament with your family, don’t forget to include a Frisbee and some badminton rackets.

Create a Blanket Fort

Your children will take great care when creating a blanket fort. Since it protects them from the Boogeyman’s wrath or enables them to rule their own castle, it serves as a safe haven for your children. It’ll also be a terrific place for you and your kids to establish a sweet bedtime routine. To help them go off to sleep, you may cuddle up in the fort and tell them bedtime stories. What you need now is a pile of pillows, a bundle of sheets, and some clothes hooks; the rest may be left to your kids’ imaginations.

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