The planet is rich with its flora and fauna which is amazing to learn about. Talking about the fauna, the world offers thousands of species in the world. The jungle has gigantic animals to tiny creatures which might be interesting to know about.

The discovery channels have tons and tons of information to share about the wildlife experience and exhibit several different species of animals as well. While you watch and learn more about the animals, we still might not have heard about some of the strangest and weirdest animals present in the world. Here are some of the bizarre animals in the world.


The less-successful living creature in the wild is this capybara which is the world’s largest rodent in ubiquitous across South America which trudges through Savannas and rainforests grazing on grasses and aquatic plants. Being social animals, it could be moving in groups of up to 100 at times. These are less successful in the wild because they are actually the favourite prey for jaguars, cougars, and crocodiles. It would also follow cohabitation with other animals and lives for about a decade in captivity.


The name itself offers a terrific feel, isn’t it? As per its name, the animals are the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. Even though this bizarre animal resembles a small dog, it actually carries its young ones in its pouches as if kangaroos. However, the population of devils seems to drop due to naturally occurring cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease. But then, researches have been undergoing to know about the diseases.

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The existence of this spider-like creature is completely new to many. This Australian peacock spider is found inside the woodland forests of Wondul National Park which is situated near Brisbane in 2015. Sparklemuffin got its colloquial name from the University of California researcher Madeline Girad, who actually discovered the species. Scientifically known as maratus jactatus, this colourful spider is measured just five millimetres in length. It even displays a signature mating dance where the male spiders would raise their leg to signal females. How interesting this strange little creature is! And thus Sparkle Muffin makes it to one of the most bizarre animals in the world!


Found in the small series of lakes and canals near Mexico City, this amphibian could grow up to lengths of 18 inches. This queer creature has been characterized by a unique set of external gills associated with the ability to completely regrow the lost limbs. Even though the head of the creature looks like a fish, it is completely different and strange in its appearance.


The only known tree-dwelling mammal unrelated to primates is Kinkajou. It uses a prehensile tail to access and swallows fruit high in the forest canopy. Like bats, these creatures are most active at night and could be spotted in the rainforest areas. It would grow about two feet in length with 10 pounds and these small mammals found homes in the forests from the Yucatan to the Amazon.

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