Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

Is your kitchen due for a kitchen remodelling session? Do you always have to struggle to draw inspiration from your kitchen as you prepare your food? If that’s you, we’ve got you covered. We are here to provide you with unconventional kitchen remodelling ideas. The ideas will give you the inspiration you need to bring life and finesse to your kitchen.

Shelving and cabinetry

Incorporate creative shelving and cabinetry in your kitchen. You can opt for edgy shelves, floating shelves, open shelves, removing doors on your cabinets, adding a pop of colour on your cabinets, or using bold geometric patterns on your shelves and cabinets. You can also use unassembled cabinets to change the look of your kitchen. These are great if you want cabinets made from wood or you could go for brass or gold finishings. Do not go overboard with the colour palette. Maintain elegance in your kitchen by using simple colour palettes for a smooth and sleek look.

Ceramic collection

Remodelling your kitchen can be as simple as sprucing up your kitchen with a ceramic collection. You can take the fun yet functional approach with ceramics. Monochromes or pops of bright colours will do the trick. Forget the traditional display gimmicks and go quirky when displaying the ceramic. Remember cooking is an art. You will always draw inspiration from your surroundings to cook hearty meals.

Copper and brass

Your kitchen deserves a luxe touch and finish. Use copper and brass to create a luxurious feel in your kitchen. Apart from the shelves and the cabinets, you can introduce brass into your kitchen through brass hardware or fixtures. You can go for polished, antique, satin, or unlacquered brass. Pick a style that fits your kitchen as well as your personality.


Add spontaneity to your kitchen by introducing chalkboard art. Get creative with your backsplash, floors, and your walls. You can go for chalkboard-like artwork, sealed timber, or embossed ceramics on your backsplash. Use geometric patterns and warm tones on the wall. Use chalkboard surfaces on your breakfast zone. Chalkboard canvas gives you the freedom to express your imaginativeness.

Go for huge artwork in your kitchen. Stick to bold and dramatic prints. You can also add quirkiness to your kitchen by adding unique furniture to your kitchen space. Don’t ignore the corners. Use such spots to create cosy nooks or dining areas for your family and friends. Use the space to introduce bold furniture pieces in your kitchen. You deserve an Instagram-worthy scene in your kitchen.


Remember to add greenery to your kitchen. Bring the indoor-outdoor feeling into your kitchen by introducing some bits of greenery in your kitchen. You can hang them on the wall using a wooden plank or in pots. Use unconventional pot designs. You can also invest in huge windows that create an outdoorsy feel.

Lighting and lighting fixtures

Create a breathtaking scene in your kitchen by installing lighting and lighting fixtures. Focus on functionality and ambience. You can go for linear suspension lighting, mid-century lighting fixtures, or solo pendant lighting that draws attention to a certain area in your kitchen. Create an artisan vibe with super-sized kitchen lighting or use an unlacquered brass pendant to create an antique feel in your kitchen. You can also go with a colourful pendant to spruce up your kitchen.

Coffee bar

Create a coffee bar spot in your kitchen. You need to stop cluttering your cabinets with coffee mugs and other coffee items. You can go all out when creating the coffee bar space or simply save up space by repurposing your countertops and walls to create a chic and sleek coffee bar area. Use geometric prints and wall arts that add a cafe-like element to your coffee bar area.

Repurpose storage units

Keep clutter and supplies out of sight. You can use rustic wood to hang mason jars on your walls and use them as extra storage units. Use floating tins to store your supplies or utensils. You can also use hooks to hang pans and mugs. Lastly, Invest in stylish and sleek appliances. A kitchen remodelling session should always end in new, elegant, and stylish kitchen appliances. Focus on functionality and aesthetics as you pick new appliances for your kitchen. Your appliances should match the colour and décor theme chosen for your kitchen.


Kitchen remodelling is not as easy as it sounds. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to do a small update or total kitchen remodelling sesh, always consult a pro. Installing new electrical appliances, swapping stovetop, changing sink layout, replacing an exhaust fan, changing countertops, or installing new cabinets is not a DIY job. Be safe and hire pros to deal with the technical aspects of kitchen remodelling.

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