German’s Wedding Tradition of Breaking Porcelain: Polterabend

• Breaking porcelain, creating a total mess around and making the future married couple clean it!
• The tradition runs deep for years and years.

Wedding season comes with jingle tunes, happy smiles of friends and relatives, merriment filled ambience, lovey-dovey weather and souls infused with ecstasy. While wedding season is nearing, it would seem to be the festival and celebration of uniting two souls as one. The nuptial day is almost a big and dreamy day for every human as they wish it to be the memorable one to cherish forever in their lives. People go for crazy wedding plans to turn their big day stupendously amazing and stunning enough. So, when it comes to the wedding, each country has their wedding rituals to follow. We might find it amazing and surprising to witness different wedding rituals which we might not have come across until then. However, Germany has one such weird wedding tradition which is followed for years.

The Low-key German Weddings:

The castle’s filled country has known for its low-key weddings usually. Though it is a low-key affair, Germany has its peculiar ways and traditions to follow in weddings. When you come to know about this queer ritual of a German wedding, you would be amazed yet shocked as well. While Germans follow certain idiosyncrasies, it would be unique and weird parties simultaneously. In Southern Germany, the legal wedding is totally a family thing and also with a few invited friends. A well-planned decent party? Of course, yes! What’s a wedding without a party! Here is where Polterbend comes with its unusual style of which you might not have encountered before. It is actually planned right before the weeks of the wedding but it is neither a bachelorette party that involves only single-sex nor any other occasion. However, it is an event where everyone else is invited.

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What is Polterabend?

Polterabend, the word itself created from the verb Polten which means “to make a lot of noise” and Abend which means “evening.” So, where does the noise come from the party? Well, it comes from smashing or breaking the porcelain and this squawky party takes place in the evening. People celebrate the moment by saying “Scherbenbringen Gluck” in German which literally means that ‘shards bring luck. It was then considered that lucky to own one which was completely undamaged though. Presently, the shards are brought by the guests in the form of broken porcelain, pottery, and sanitary ware and are smashed onsite. This weird party is taken place at the bride’s home or in the more supple location or in the couples’ current hometown.

The Bride and Bridegroom Should Clean the Mess:

Well, the most interestingly uncanny part of the party is that the couple who are yet to be married are responsible for cleaning up the shards. But why? This is because the couple would develop the action of teamwork or the need for it not only in cleaning but also in their upcoming married life as well. It is completely queer to watch people smashing the evening with the broken cups, plates, bowls and other sanitary wares and making the couple clear the mess they created. Polterabend thus creating a mess and then making the bride and bridegroom spend their time together cleaning the mess with the broom all through the party evening. Want to visit Germany already? Well then, you can explore the anticipating traditions of Germany much easier. After all, learning something new never gets old.

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