Sparkling Healthy Relationship Ideas

Relationships are a very important part of anyone’s life and to have a healthy relationship takes a lot of effort and time because it’s about two completely different people trying to make one equation work together. A huge misconception about relationships is that people often talk about how a relationship should be the centre of focus for any individual and that it’s the main aspect of their life when it really doesn’t have to be that way. A relationship is like any other aspect in life be it work, social life or family.


Unlike what many people say and hear, the statement “There’s nothing that talking can’t fix” is actually not true. Actions definitely speak louder than mere words. But in order to be efficient with our actions towards our partner or receive desirable actions, communication is definitely key.


A relationship in spite of being a two people equation is still ultimately about two different individuals with different interests, separate social circles and their own families. Giving each other their “Me time”, and respecting their personal both mentally and physically, can work wonders for the relationship and keep it healthy.


No matter how far or how early you are into a relationship date nights are always a win-win situation for the couple to keep the relationship alive by spending some quality time together. Date nights don’t have to be an expensive restaurant with a side of the best champagne, it can just be a movie night with a pint of ice cream as the two lounges in their PJs.

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The sleep rule might seem like a very silly thing at first glance but hear me out like this is a true magic love potion. The rule is to never go to bed without fixing that day’s misunderstandings or issues. This leads to a healthy state of mind every morning as issues are not carried over to the next day which might aggravate anything else that could happen.


Any relationship be it friends or family or a romantic by fault comes along with a bunch of expectations that stem from their personal beliefs and past experiences. In order to make this reach a mid-point, it’s vital to set realistic expectations and also convey them to their partner efficiently.

Friendship must be the base of any relationship because without that it’s hard to sustain any equation healthily so keep the friendship alive and see them as a friend first before your partner and that will always keep your equation healthy.

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