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McDonald’s India (North & East)

McDonald’s India (North & East)

McDonald’s restaurants in North and East of India are operated by Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. McDonald’s is committed to delivering the highest quality restaurant experience to its customers in India and serves a variety of menu options made with quality ingredients sourced locally. McDonald’s serves millions of customers annually at its more than 150 restaurants across North and East of India and provides direct employment to over 6,000 people. With a customer-centric approach, McDonald’s operates through a variety of formats and brand extensions including standalone restaurants, Drive-thru’s, 24/7 restaurants, McDelivery for customer convenience and experience.

In these challenging times, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers and restaurant staff, McDonald’s has implemented nearly 50 plus process changes. The company is building on the processes already in place such as thermal screening, masks and gloves for employees, frequent handwashing, and use of hand sanitizers.

We will keep you informed about such announcements and developments from the brand.

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