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My mother cried when she saw Shakuntala Devi reveals actress Vidya Balan in the latest issue of Filmfare

My mother cried when she saw Shakuntala Devi reveals actress Vidya Balan in the latest issue of Filmfare

Cinephiles wait with bated breath to see what the cover story of India’s leading entertainment brand, Filmfare has in store for them. Making for a very special September, this month’s issue features the versatile and talented actress Vidya Balan. On a high after delivering yet another commendable performance in her last release Shakuntala Devi, she has once again proven to all that shes’s a star who’s at the top of her game. In a candid chat, the actress goes on to speak about her preparation for the challenging role as she captured the essence of the math wizard so perfectly. Add to that, the exclusive cover story also includes her take on nepotism, her experience working with a female director for the first time, how she deals with success and failure, her views on married life, and the lessons she’s learned over the past few months.

 But what is certainly the highlight of the free-flowing conversation with the actress is her talking about the equation that she shares with her mother. With the film Shakuntala Devi shedding light on the bond that the math wizard had with her daughter, it seems that the movie has had quite an effect on the star.  

Speaking further on their relationship, Vidya said, “We had a lot of clashes. That’s a given in any mother-daughter relationship. Of course, in the movie, it’s a little more explosive. Ours wasn’t like that. But there were moments of explosion. In fact, at one point in my life, I fought the most with my mother. She was actually just being protective. For example, when I wanted to join films, she was so scared. I remember she used to dissuade me, and it used to make me feel that she doesn’t have faith in me, my talent. Initially, I felt she was standing in the way of my dreams. But after I went through a spate of rejections down south, she started praying more than anyone else that this dream of mine works out.”

As far as what effect the film had on her mother, Vidya adds, “I went to my parents’ house to watch the film on the day it was released. It was my parents, my sister and her family, and Siddharth (Siddharth Roy Kapur) and me. At the end of the film, she got up and I could see that she was holding back. I put my arm around her, and she cried. I said, ‘This is my tribute to you.’ I just wanted to let her know that I realized she’d given up so much for us.”

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