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Pee Safe distributes Domina female condoms to sex workers in Mumbai

Pee Safe distributes Domina female condoms to sex workers in Mumbai

The initiative organized with Aastha Foundation aimed at spreading awareness about safe contraceptive options for women and preventing sexually transmitted diseases

Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, recently distributed its Domina range of female condoms to sex workers. The initiative was undertaken in collaboration with the Aastha Foundation in Grant Road, Mumbai. This is part of the many such initiatives that the brand organizes regularly to ensure access to hygiene and sanitation products to various segments of society.

India has made significant progress in addressing the spread of HIV/AIDS among sex workers. However, the success of these programs would also lie in sustaining positive behaviors like condom use. Although female condoms are not highly popular in India, brands like Pee Safe are campaigning to make them increasingly acceptable and this distribution drive is part of this effort.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe, said, “Lack of access to safe contraceptive options is a major issue in the country. This is more so among sex workers. They are the most vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. This initiative of distributing female condoms is our way of starting a revolution and igniting a change in perceptions. We wish to spread awareness that women also have access to contraceptive options that not only keep them safe from infections but also let them enjoy uninterrupted pleasure. We hope to organize more such initiatives in the times to come.”

The primary aim of launching female condoms was to also raise awareness about the fact that there are effective contraception options for women as well. Pee Safe has always strived to bring in innovative and effective hygiene products that are new to the Indian market. The brand aims to combine this with efforts and campaigns to raise awareness.

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Pee Safe’s female condoms Domina come at varied prices for the convenience of consumers. The 2N pack comes at INR 179 and the pack of 2 costs INR 299. There are other combo packs available on their website as well.

Apart from retail stores, Pee Safe and Raho Safe products are also available online at and across leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart. Pee Safe started with its bestselling Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray followed by other products addressing personal hygiene for both men and women. Raho Safe offers hand sanitizers, multi-surface protectants, and other products. While both brands have registered good growth, it has increased further given the heightened focus on personal hygiene and sanitation post-COVID-19.

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