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Spring Summer Collection 2020 – Nature Friendly and Trendy Jewelry from Melorra

Spring Summer Collection 2020 – Nature Friendly and Trendy Jewelry from Melorra

This is a difficult phase for everyone, and it is important to be yourself and be true to your individuality. Keep your look natural and effortless and not posey or artificial.

Wear jewelry that you can connect with and pick out pieces that speak to you. This will make you feel confident about your style. After all, everything is about being genuine currently. You could wear statement earrings and add a necklace or bracelet that is minimalistic yet stylish. However, this does not mean you need to be somber all the time. Social media stories could also do with a pop of color so pick out enamel or gemstone pieces that are happy and vibrant. Melorra, India’s affordable fine jewelry brand that’s making gold trendy for everyday wear, has launched its most recent collections – Eco-Conscious, Raffia, and The Retro Groove.

Ethically African Gold Earring (The Raffia Collection) – High polish yellow gold danglers that have a hexagonal pattern with multiple spatially laced gold strands wrapped around it and attached to a gold nugget.

Price – 20,243 for 18K

Boho Twists Gold Ring (The Raffia Collection)  – A high polish yellow gold ring that has two parallel strands overlapping each other and a diagonal curved strand with a twisted effect.

Price – 19,329 for 18K

Oh So Boho Gold Earring (The Raffia Collection) – Yellow gold high polish danglers that have a dangling strand with a twisted rope effect attached to a gold sequin motif with a hammered texture and attached to a hook.

Price – 16,387 for 18K

All Things Eco Gold Necklace (Eco-Conscious Collection) – High polish yellow gold cable chain necklace that has two dangling coin motifs with one of them engraved with a Butterfly motif.

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Price – 27,976 for 18K

All Things Eco Gold Bracelet (Eco-Conscious Collection) – High polish yellow gold cable chain bracelet that has spatially placed dangling coin motifs with a butterfly motif engraved on it.

Price – 21,153 for 18k

Rhythm Riot Gold Earring(The Retro Groove collection) – Yellow gold high polish hoops that have a V-shaped pattern with multiple folds and one strand enameled in Red and Orange shades.

Price – 35,662 for 18K

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